I agree SS and by the way WalsallOne - I appreciate we all have an opinion one way or another, it was Hibbitt by the way (sorted that for you as one of our other contributors would usually say!) :wink:


Basically what I’m saying is … We’re McDonalds trying to look like Five Guys and charging Five Guys prices, not to mention the owners adding homemade relish to the burgers. Going there leaves a bad taste. I don’t like that taste. You might and fair play if you do. I don’t judge. But I dont.

Also why go to McDonalds when you can go to the Handmade Burger Company for a better quality burger and £7 cheaper?

When the prices reflect the quality and experience and the owner stops ■■■■■■■ in the burgers I’ll return. Until then, I may occasionally choose to visit Handmade Burger Company or just eat at home. It’s a shame because I love McDonalds. A may pop back to see if it’s improved but I doubt it will until the owner stops depositing his load on my Big Mac.


Analogy of the year contender, right there.


A quality analogy for sure

I think I’ll steer clear of the Bonser Burgers tho!


I think we’re nearer the ‘Mr Sizzle’ end of the market at present.


I’m not so much focused on the analogy, but on the probability that SS must be a right lardarse.


Yes, but when you go to whichever burger company, they don’t provide footballing entertainment in addition to their superb (or not) burgers.


Neither do Walsall :joy:


I pick my games because I have other priorities in my life beyond football, nothing to do with the quality of the football. I hear all this crap about attendances going down. I can remember going in the 70’s, 80’s, 90’s and so on and there have been periods when we have been down to 3k.
We are Walsall, we work within a budget which I accept because I don’t want my club to go out of business. I work in Hereford and what would they give to be in division 1 (3 really). But they screwed up through not budgeting properly. Go through the conference and divisions below and count the ex league clubs it’s frightening.
By the way I think it’s time for Bonser to go he has had his day and I don’t think his heart is in it. I don’t think it ever was after that ■■■■ Merson. So move over Geoff and give some one else a chance. Hmm but are they out there ?


They are probably out there but are usually scared off by not having the whole singing and dancing (shows) sorry club lock stock and barrel up for sale .

Remember Pete Waterman looking into it with Steve Jenkins , and Pete being the shrewd businessman admitted Bonser had it sown up , meaning it was not a complete sale .

There are people still out there , granted not all from this country , but they are still buying into Football clubs .

Maybe if Bonser would actually be willing to sell completely Steve may still be interested with a consortium if he was made aware.

I’m fairly convinced if the club with freehold etc etc we’re for sale it would be sold.


I’m a season ticket holder who didn’t go to the last two prior to Saturday and I wished I’d stayed at home again. I know I’ve paid but it’s better to sit at home than watch that rubbish.


Fair play to you - it’s harder to miss games when you’ve paid up front but your stance sums things up - it’s crap from top to bottom in my opinion.


When season ticket holders are not going you know you’re in trouble. Some of your most loyal supporters would rather not go.


It’s so depressing going to the games now with the dwindling crowds and the atmosphere of a cemetery , and then getting home and seeing the highlights on the tv and the rows of empty seats everywhere , it really is a club dying .

What would it take to fill the stadium week in week out , or am i just dreaming of what i want this club of ours to become .

Investment from some ambitious new consortium maybe i’m not sure , but i remember the custard bowl when there was only certain parts of the ground open because of the crumbling state of the stadium and the lack of support , but look at them now .

People have come in and bought the players to move them forward , and redeveloped the ground.

Now i’m not suggesting we could come anywhere near whats happening there right now , but i’m sure we could be a whole lot better than what we are right now , and i long for the day we can hold our heads up with our local rivals , and have a full stadium instead of looking like a behind closed doors game each week .

Its embarrassing , and needs change


When the best you can say about something is that an alternative ‘could be worse’ - it doesn’t hold much water with me.

You can justify almost anything with that line of thinking. “So you lost your arm in a car crash? Stop moaning and be grateful that you didn’t lose the other one.”

For some time now there has been a narrative around Walsall FC that implies fans should simply be grateful the club exists and to question the status quo is somehow ungrateful.

This club has been in existence for 131 years, the vast majority of those have been spent in the third tier. Now it has been allowed to reach the state where simply surviving at this level is an over achievement and us fans are supposed to be grateful for it!

The fact other clubs have over taken us shouldn’t be regarded as some act of God we were powerless to resist. If our peers have overtaken us that’s because they’ve been better managed then we have.

Bonser’s time has come, under his leadership, in the modern game, the club can only go backwards and all the positive achievements of his reign will count for nothing. We desperately need a change, but Bonser has engineered a situation where that change is almost impossible to achieve.

Off the top of my head, Bournemouth, Brentford, Rotherham, Oldham, Bury, Northampton, Crawley, Bristol Rovers, Notts County have all attracted takeovers and investment in recent years - yet no one is willing to invest in the much-lauded, well-run club that is Walsall? Why?


Perhaps any potential buyers are put off by the acts already prebooked for 2019 in the Bonser and Stadium suites😂


Spot on being 100% honest here i went home and away during the Hibbit era and enjoyed it a lot more than what is being served up in the past 3 seasons the club has lost its connection with the fans.


:joy::joy::joy::joy: Gamble and Mole on the violins as Captain Bonser stands in his flooding directors box.


I’m not sure his director’s box has been flooded in a long time…


Don’t cry captain, its not seawater! (its from the bogs)

“well dont just stand there, buy a mop and put the rent up by £25K”