Etheridge in hospital

Hope you get better soon Neil. A top drawer keeper for us.


bUt iTs SniffLes hE MuSt B sik wiV sumtiN Lse 2.


Shocking news all the best Neil hope you make a speedy recovery :pray:

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That’s it lock the world down for another 12 months


Makes you think if it can hospitalise a strong, fit bloke like Neil what about fat middle aged blokes like me?

It would be interesting to know if he has had the two jabs.

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All the best for a speedy recovery Neil cracking keeper done a fantastic job for us hope your feeling better soon.

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There could be many factors at play. I know that many virologists have been looking at the effect of genetics on severity of illness and are suggesting this could be one reason - and genetics are in some way affected by geographical origin, albeit there is disagreement on the extent of this. I believe his family have Filipino ancestry. It could be that this has some effect. This is part of all of the unanswered information which would allow us to understand the threat from covid much more accurately.


Oh dear, how far back does it go? as long as my Maltese ancestry doesn’t come back to bite me on the arse :flushed:



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I’d love to know the answer to this aswell! They have gone very quiet on how many people in hospital have had injections. At the start they were quick enough to say everyone dying all had underlying health conditions

Firstly all the very best to Neil, hope he makes a full and timely recovery.

Secondly what a ridiculous post.

Young fit footballers do rarely succumb to illnesses that are usually more harmful to more succeptible demographics, and respiratory illness is no different. Molly Webb (Loughborough Foxes) died of flu aged 25, as did Chris Colhoun (33 year old Gaelic footballer), Micah Richards was hospitalised with swine flu etc.

We’ve all just seen Erikson have a heart attack during a game ditto David Longhirst, Chiek Tiote and Fabrice Muamba. One of our own Ian Handysides tragically died of cancer aged 27, Neil Harris, Jonas Guitierez, Arjen Robben survived etc etc etc.

These rare and tragic occurances happen, to try and score fear-mongering points because its covid is very poor, there’s a place for arguing about covid, ie. the covid thread.


If you’re happy with 100,000 cases a day - which it will be soon - then fine.

In HK it’s 0.


Agree with my view or else you’re fear mongering?

I’m very sorry Neil has the desease, I truly hope he makes a speedy recovery.
Sorry to be pessimistic, but a friend of mine had both Pfizer vaccines and contracted COVID, very mild symptoms and he recovered very quickly.
We still have a lot of people over here that are refusing any vaccines, they’re young and think they will never get it…that’s the problem, they DON’T get it!
As long as people are paying attention to the rubbish and lies spread on social media and not wearing masks, they are taking enormous risks and compromising the safety of others.


It’s complicated - but don’t forget those who get Covid without symptoms: they can still pass it on. It’s probable that the majority who get it without symptoms are young and they are more likely not to get vaccinated - and they “get around” a lot more. We are still deep in the woods and should act with the utmost caution.
Hope Etheridge recovers soon and gets back to doing what he does best.

Don’t bother with the Covid thread ladies and gentleman. It’s now an echo chamber for crazy conspiracy theories and cherry picked biased ramblings from social media. Best thing I did was mute it.


It’s weird.

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And it took you 16 months to realise that?? :roll_eyes:

Most of the sensible people on here all seem to have left it to the batshit bigots and Outraged of Tunbridge Wells mob a long long time ago (if they ever bothered with it at all). Anyone else who still bothers does so at their own peril. Probably its only saving grace is that it allows them somewhere to let off steam if they haven’t got anywhere else to.

If I want real scientific facts and data I’ll rely on legitimate primary sources. If I want someone else’s opinion rammed down my throat and a several day long tirade on why my own is wrong, I’ll just ask the wife! :rofl:


I think it was pure stubbornness on my part, and the hope I could talk sense, and get people to look at, as you say, primary data and legitimate work.

I’ve been castigated on that thread for having the audacity to suggest we should probably look at the data and listen to experts. The shame!

I’m absolutely done with it now. I’ll leave this quote here:


And probably even more related to that thread:

I quite like the Covid thread. But then, I also enjoyed and enjoy the Brexit debate.

Wouldn’t do if we were all the same.