Euro 2020 Prediction League - Intro, Key Details & Table

Hi everyone, before we head into a new League 2 season with renewed optimism and, to keep your prediction skills honed, here is a little bit of fun for over the summer whilst the Euros is on!

It’s a prediction league for the tournament with different rounds and points scoring system, so read below for all the details about the rounds, format etc and then jump into the threads throughout the tournament to do your predictions. All table updates will be on this thread as well. This is all the tournament explained so if it seems a bit long and complicated, ‘bear with’, as they say, and it will be straightforward as we go through the tournament! :wink:

Part 1:
Before the tournament begins, predict the following in the correct thread:

  1. The winner (10 points)
  2. The runner up (10 points)
  3. The top 2 from each of the 6 groups (15 points - correct order, 10 points - correct 2 but not order, 5 points - get 1 of the top 2 correct)

Part 2:
For each round of fixtures in the group stage, pick and predict 1 of the 2 games being played in each group e.g. Group A: Turkey v Italy, Wales v Switzerland - pick and predict the score line for 1 of these games (5 points - correct score line, 2 points - correct result). Do the same for each of the 6 groups.
Repeat this for the round 2 and 3 sets of fixtures until group qualifiers are decided.

Part 3:
For the round of 16 games, pick and predict the score line for 4 of the games (5 points - correct score line, 2 points - correct result)
All score lines are after 90 mins / normal full time.

Part 4:
Predict the score lines for the 4 Quarter Finals (5 points / 2 points)
Predict the score lines for the 2 Semi Finals (5 points / 2 points)
Predict the score line of the Final (10 points / 5 points)
All score lines are after 90 mins / normal full time.

The winner will be the person who accrues the most points over the whole tournament.
Hopefully that is all clear (!) and you’ll see the prediction threads are easy to follow.
Any questions, just reply under here.

The threads for the pre-tournament predictions (part 1) and the first round of group games will be up and running shortly after this one. All the teams / groups will be listed in the part 1 thread to help you set those predictions.

Enjoy and good luck to you all!:+1:


Here is the Euros 2020 Prediction League Table after the Round 1 of the group stage games.
Not many people got correct score lines but if they did, that 5 points really helped catapult them up the table!

Early pacesetters are bgyamyam and RobHarv3y with a tidy haul of 11 points from the first 6 games, well done.

Round 2 is currently in progress but watch out for the Round 3 fixtures coming out by the end of the week.


Updated table after the Round 2 of group fixtures. Most people made a great start but the last 3 games where people predicted some bankers didn’t come off!

Leading the way for the Round 2 fixtures was SarcasticSaddler with 14 points - well done!
This has seen a big jump in the table, but our leader is still bgyamyam.

Round 3 starts tomorrow so make sure game predictions are in before the first kick off time.