Euro 2020 Prediction League - Intro, Key Details & Table

Hi everyone, before we head into a new League 2 season with renewed optimism and, to keep your prediction skills honed, here is a little bit of fun for over the summer whilst the Euros is on!

It’s a prediction league for the tournament with different rounds and points scoring system, so read below for all the details about the rounds, format etc and then jump into the threads throughout the tournament to do your predictions. All table updates will be on this thread as well. This is all the tournament explained so if it seems a bit long and complicated, ‘bear with’, as they say, and it will be straightforward as we go through the tournament! :wink:

Part 1:
Before the tournament begins, predict the following in the correct thread:

  1. The winner (10 points)
  2. The runner up (10 points)
  3. The top 2 from each of the 6 groups (15 points - correct order, 10 points - correct 2 but not order, 5 points - get 1 of the top 2 correct)

Part 2:
For each round of fixtures in the group stage, pick and predict 1 of the 2 games being played in each group e.g. Group A: Turkey v Italy, Wales v Switzerland - pick and predict the score line for 1 of these games (5 points - correct score line, 2 points - correct result). Do the same for each of the 6 groups.
Repeat this for the round 2 and 3 sets of fixtures until group qualifiers are decided.

Part 3:
For the round of 16 games, pick and predict the score line for 4 of the games (5 points - correct score line, 2 points - correct result)
All score lines are after 90 mins / normal full time.

Part 4:
Predict the score lines for the 4 Quarter Finals (5 points / 2 points)
Predict the score lines for the 2 Semi Finals (5 points / 2 points)
Predict the score line of the Final (10 points / 5 points)
All score lines are after 90 mins / normal full time.

The winner will be the person who accrues the most points over the whole tournament.
Hopefully that is all clear (!) and you’ll see the prediction threads are easy to follow.
Any questions, just reply under here.

The threads for the pre-tournament predictions (part 1) and the first round of group games will be up and running shortly after this one. All the teams / groups will be listed in the part 1 thread to help you set those predictions.

Enjoy and good luck to you all!:+1:


Here is the Euros 2020 Prediction League Table after the Round 1 of the group stage games.
Not many people got correct score lines but if they did, that 5 points really helped catapult them up the table!

Early pacesetters are bgyamyam and RobHarv3y with a tidy haul of 11 points from the first 6 games, well done.

Round 2 is currently in progress but watch out for the Round 3 fixtures coming out by the end of the week.


Updated table after the Round 2 of group fixtures. Most people made a great start but the last 3 games where people predicted some bankers didn’t come off!

Leading the way for the Round 2 fixtures was SarcasticSaddler with 14 points - well done!
This has seen a big jump in the table, but our leader is still bgyamyam.

Round 3 starts tomorrow so make sure game predictions are in before the first kick off time.


Updated table after the final and 3rd round of group fixtures and boy, what an up and down evening to finish on! Results and group standings were changing more than a baby’s nappy after a vindaloo! We almost had a massive shock in either reigning champions Portugal or heavyweights Germany going home but in the end, plucky Hungary are packing their bags.

The winning score for Round 3 was 16 points, achieved by Exile, Chunkster, Michal and Donnington Saddler - well done to all of you!
Steady scoring again keeps bgyamyam at the top of the tree for now!

The top 2 for each group have obviously now been decided so I will calculate all the points for that part and do another table update for the weekend.

But for now, hop over to the next prediction thread and predict your 4 games from the round of 16.


Looking at some of the predictions for the top 2 in each group I think it’s going to be a very high scoring round!

It was indeed! The totals and positions will change quite a bit I think. Keeps people on their toes and fighting to the very end of the tournament!!

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Not looking forward to that…

That’s the trouble when you set the bar too high :grin:

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Another quick update after the ‘Group Top 2’ points were accrued and I knew it would be a bit of a gamechanger, given the points on offer!

The odd group result or goal could really affect who got what and so it proved with maybe a couple of surprise qualifiers into the last 16. The winning score for the round was 75 points (out of a possible max of 90) scored by saddla and Timbuktu - well done to you both!

With that healthy haul, saddla now sits top of the league table but, with plenty of rounds and possible points to go, expect more changes along the way!

The round of 16 starts today at 5pm so make sure you have your predictions for 4 of the games in by then.

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Updated table after the round of 16 games.
A low scoring round with lots of blobs along the way as many of the fancied teams failed.
The winning score was 7 points, achieved by Michal, cookyskid and deldras - well done to you all.

Part 4 and the QFs round of games is now up and running - get predictions in before 5pm on Friday.


Updated table after the Quarter Finals - and what a brilliant 4 games we’ve had!
None more so that tonight with England’s immense performance in Rome!

The winning score for the QF round was 12 points, achieved by Chunkster and Boldmeresaddler - well done both of you! Not much change in the table order but some are pretty close on points and one or two results can make a big difference as we head into the last 3 games.

The semi final round is up and running now with a new, added bonus part of the round to keep it interesting for everyone right up to the end!

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I’ve only participated in one round yet I’m still ahead of some notable no-hopers.


Updated table after the exhilarating semi finals!!
Lots of different scoring and the penalty bonus prediction certainly added to the potential ‘to-ing and fro-ing’ in the table!

The winning score was 12 points, achieved by Andy Petterson - well done!

The top of the table is pretty tight and it is still anyone’s from quite a few given the points at stake for the final round so the question a lot of you will be asking yourself is, “Is the title coming home?!!”
So, don’t forget to predict the score line after 90 minutes and then the bonus prediction for if it goes to ‘pelantees’!

EDIT: I have just realised that I missed out a column from the table as there should be a ‘final’ column before the winner / runner up columns that everyone predicted before the tournament kicked off. That will be amended for the final table.

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Got lucky

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Like your nemesis :grin: :wink:

Congratulations @reedswoodsadler. Pipped me at the final hurdle when, just like England I fell short.

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Here is the updated and final table after the disappointment that was the final on Sunday evening!

The winning score from the final was 12 points, achieved by reedswood, cookyskid, Pingu and Jayelar - well done to all of you!

With those points and the points from the initial winner and runner-up predictions, our overall EURO 2020 PREDICTION LEAGUE CHAMPION is reedswood - well done!:clap::clap::trophy:

We’ll get back to the usual League season prediction competition in the next couple of weeks before the first game on 7th August. Have a little rest until then! :wink:


Thanks for all your hard work sorting this out JJ.


Bloody hell that was close :grin:
Well done @reedswood :+1:

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You were close as well mate @RedandWhite :+1:

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