Euros. At the railway

The rooms nearly ready are you ?

Come and join us at the railway and cheer the boys onto. Euro glory

Great atmosphere. Pre match. Music Cheap beer. And free. Hot food at half time. Of every England game

Everyone. Welcome.


What is the link between Walsall, Rangers and England ? :thinking:

What’s the link between Weed, Walsall, and England?:thinking:

I have no idea.
Maybe i just dont understand.

Weed was a well known Walsall fan. It was his nickname


Loads off saddlers also. Follow rangers. They have done for as long as I can remember

I myself. Still go. To ibrox whenever I can. if dh don’t have a game

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We will be coming for the first game mate.

Looks great.

You and the family always welcome mate you know that

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There isn’t any.

It looks very good.

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Lot of patriotic football fans follow rangers absolutely nothing new.

I’ve never been arsed about either them or Celtic but can see why people go up to rangers and know people who have. Always told its a great experience.