Evan Weir Signs

Too busy asking the really important questions like when the Trivela investors can expect to get a return on their investment.


Unless he was trying to avoid injury before the move to us he was worse in the second half - taken off after 85 minutes.

Good left foot I hope he improves with a bit of training with us.

If Trivela have paid any money for Drogheda they should ask for it back - they are shocking - losing 5-1 now.

What’s he doing risking injury with Drogheda, when Walsall are in pre-season training?

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Good point exceptionally well made. When is he joining us? Now we’re back in pre season surely he should be over with us now. We will all look very silly if he picks up an injury in the LoI.

He’ll be match fit now, weeks ahead of the other players in our squad. He better off staying out until the rest of the squad are closer to match fitness.


I’m sure BB said next week.

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Last night was his last game for Drogheda

When does Djt start with them ?

He’s already training with them, but he can’t play until the international transfer window opens, which I think is Monday.

:+1: cheers

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What channel are these matches on?

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I remember reading 1st July

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Said on here a few times Drogheda look very poor and I’d be careful how many times we swim in that pool regarding players I’ve watched there last 6 games its not a great standard.Weir has looked average as well can’t see him starting here.

I agree @el_nombre … everyone is paying something to someone !

But what I do think many fans struggled to articulate was their feeling ethics behind Bonser, Suffolk Life, the decades it went on for.

All history now thought on to the next chapter !

As for Drogheda. Part time. Kiddy Harriers or Rushall Level in my opinion

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On his way back….


A hero to the Drogs fans, sure he will get a suitable reception when he returns there in a few weeks in a Saddlers shirt.

Back up for Gordon he’s not ready to start games at this level from what I’ve seen.