Evans' Injury

Will the club use the emergency loan system for goalkeeper cover if this turns out to be a serious injury? If they don’t, it will tell me all I need to know about Trivela’s ambition or lack of!!

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I don’t believe you’re allowed to while you have cleared keepers. Smith counts, youth team player for bench.

If Evans is out for any length of time we will probably need some new balls. You’ve got the defenders wacking the ball up field every chance they get, and Jackson Smith punching the shit out of the ball every chance he gets.

As Smith is fit, we can’t. Only option would be a free agent goalkeeper.

When’s Jimmy coming back?


I think for GKs you have to use a keeper who is classed as a “senior” player. For the benefit of this rule I think it’s 5 starts classifies you as a senior player.

PJT doesn’t count so I think Jackson has made 3 starts and so we would be able to sign an emergency loan.

It not sure we will though. If you sign one he has to play so you can’t sign one and sit him on the bench while you use your no 2 so it would be a bit of a kick on the teeth if our no 2 didn’t play the minute our no 1 got injured….


Thanks CS :+1:t2:

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I have doubts about the ability of Smith so if Evans is out for a long time I can see us getting another goalie in…maybe before January.

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Not one for the trenches. :baby: