Ex players at railway on sat. Pre Crewe game

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref Railway club Saturday pre Crewe game

The countdown begins, What a line up we have in store for you on Saturday,

Saddlers of a certain age. Are in for a treat as we bring you. Three of. That amazing team that reached the semi final of the milk cup, ,and where part of the Buckley era

Kenny mower. Brian caswell and. Mark Rees,

They will be joined by two other saddler stalwarts, Stan Jones and mick Evans

So come along. Have a chat, and a pic taken with. Some true saddler legends, Bring the kids , grandkids along , and let them meet the very ones us oldies. Had the honour of watching

I would personally take this opportunity to thank each and everyone of them , for coming along to meet and chat with fans,
And for the memories they provided us with,
Just thinking of those nights at Highbury and anfield,still makes the hair on the back of the neck stand up — with Kenny Mower.


Stan Jones is probably a bit too old but can you ask the others to bring their boots as they’d be better than some of our regulars. :grin:
Hope you have a good day with them.

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Stan still as bright as a button mate, and believe it or not evo.still. Plays once a week. And trains most days

They were part of the first team I saw, early 70s, good to hear they are doing well.
Mickey Evans was Midlands based Crystal Palace scout for a time I think.

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Should be interesting. Then hope the current team perform well. They were before my time tbh. I know a lot about them though.

Should be a good day :+1::+1:

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would love to be there