Ex-players managing

I’ll see your Dean Smith and raise you Danny Hay, national manager for New Zealand’s All Whites. Wow!


Is Kyle Lightbourne still managing Bermuda?

Keates, Ainsworth, Robins, Martin

Roberto Martinez for Belgium, Steve Claridge at Salisbury.

Siggi Eyjólfsson has had an interesting career in women’s football. Managed Iceland and China and was recently in the running for the Australia job.


Paul Merson managing booze, drugs, and a nice sky pay packet.


Didn’t Chris Wilder play for us, now there’s a proper manager


For some strange reason, Chris Hutchings doesn’t appear to be managing at the moment. Can’t think why not.:roll_eyes:


Not quite managing but David Zdrillic is assistant coach of under 19 team at RB Leipzig. Not a bad club to rise up the ranks at currently.

Steve Corica manager of Sydney fc


Roberto Martinez…

Amongst other managerial and coaching appointments, Ricky Sbragia managed one of Man Utd’s reserve/youth teams under Alex Fergusson, moved to do the same at Sunderland where he was elevated to managing the first team for a time when they were in the EPL, and now is back at Man Utd in charge of their U23 side.

Neil Emblem if he hasn’t been mentioned assisant at Colorado Rapids. Also been assistant for New Zealand.

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Wayne Clarke had a go at managing Telford Utd, or maybe it was AFC Telford, a few years ago. He had a moan about his strikers not working hard enough. :rofl:

Brett Angell was managing a club in the Antipodes a couple of years ago, not sure about now.

Shakey, Hutchings, Martinez, Smith, Sbragia, who else has managed in the Prem?

I’m surprised Shakey hasn’t found another job,I think he’s probably priced himself out of the market,maybe if he drops his standards a bit he could be our next manager :grinning:


Kevan Broadhurst played and managed us I think - both briefly

Kevin Harper manages Albion Rovers in Jockland

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Staunton was a manager for a bit n all

Stuart Watkiss. Managed Mansfield and Kiddy i think.

Strangely no one has mentioned the greatest of them all…Alan Buckley

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Don’t know if I’d say he was the best manager,we played some good football,but I think his man management skills were a bit rusty.I think he had a bit of a temper,one story going round was that he had a proper fight with Miah Denney in the dressing room,don’t think he ever picked a fight with Bernie Wright though…:woozy_face::grinning:

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