Really hope deano signs players that get us off our seats, just need to put the last 2 years of football behind us

I think that it will be another 3-4 years before we see a big change in our football fortunes, a bit like the smith rebuilding years. But i honestly think that Deano will bring some respectability to our team and fans, i just hope against hope that JB will be gone within the next couple of seasons so that i can watch the team that i love without feeling that i am filling his and his cronies pockets :persevere:

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Chunkster: One day, a young monk and an old monk were walking down the street, when they saw a woman in fine clothes arrive in a sedan chair. It had been raining and a large puddle was right underneath her, which would ruin her finery if she stood in it. Her attendants were unable to help because they carried her bags and she looked angry and unhappy, cursing the situation. The young monk ignored her. The old monk went across and carried her on his back, across the puddle and onto dry ground. Without thanking him, she walked off.

The two monks continued on their walk, but the young monk was stewing over what had happened. He churned it up in his mind, incensed at what had happened. Eventually, late in the afternoon, he could contain himself no more and spoke to the older monk: “I can’t believe you carried that woman across the puddle. She was rude and selfish and didn’t even bother to thank you”.

The older monk looked at the young monk and said “the difference is I carried her for a moment, whereas you’ve now been carrying her for several hours”.


We’ve all got permanent back trouble from carrying Bonser for decades. Your point?

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There have been lots of good quality players over the years but when you when you think about it players that excite fans are few and far between.Mark Rees with his pace (not much skill) but exciting nonetheless,Alan Buckley brilliant scoring record) Scot Houghton,Willie Norton Colin Taylor,Miah Dennehy,Tommy Watson and Ian Paul with his long runs from the back with a shot at the end of it.So over the 55yrs I’ve been supporting them just a handful of really memorably exciting players,with most being wingers.

I think that was Shrops’s long winded way of saying “Keep smiling, keep clapping”.


Master tinned, you must meditate more!

Had one just last season.

Just the 25 years (so far) of fans chanting ‘Bonser Out’ More to come.

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