Exeter City (A) Dec 21st 3pm

10.00 am still no match thread. ok I might get my fingers smacked but \I will start one.
Dont do any of the other stuff but will predict a 1 - 1 score.

Just passing Bristol !

I’ll take a draw here and now!

Safe journey all !
Merry Xmas


I suppose someone will be able to move this to Match Centre. 0-1. Adebayo to slide in on his stomach and head home from 6 inches above the ground.


A continental breakfast I see.

Enjoy your day, hope the team will play their part.

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The fine things in life ay!

As long as they give there all today I’m more than happy!

Jingle bells jingle bells

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Have a safe journey and a good day mate bring us 3 points back if you can :+1:t2: My prediction 3-0 to the saddlers and @Butters is drunk before kick off hope both are right ones nailed on!!

Mate I pray your predictions are correct but as I say I’d take a point now! Thank you tho and merry Xmas!

A loss for me probably 2-0…

Merry Christmas mucka :+1:t2:

Bah humbug but probably correct :rofl:

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1-1 and another unbeaten game in our fine recent run


FTFY :joy:

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i am in the xmas spirit hic!!! i am going with a 0-1 backs to the wall clearing shots off the line with them hitting the woodwork several times win merry xmas :turkey:

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He’d probably miss the post anyway!

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0-2 to the Saddles I think you meant :goal_net::volleyball::volleyball:

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I won’t be surprised by squad selection for this game and I hope for a win, but draw won’t be a bad result. Not at all.
And Merry Xmas :slight_smile:

Goddamn, I thought I put in some away mileage but Butters is hardcore.
Hope they make it worth his while today.

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0-0 best we can hope for, Clarke to pick a team that make us spill our Xmas drinks…Roberts and 10 outfield defenders, including Liddle, his backroom staff forgetting to remind him!
Happy Christmas… we were 16th for at least one day!!!
Congratulations to those that make the long journey down there, hope the team remember to make your sacrifice worthwhile!

Will be happy to come from this match still unbeaten.

I’m saying,

1 - 1 Adebayo to get the goal

Come on lads !!!

L.Roberts; Facey, Clarke, Scarr, Pring; Sinclair, Kinsella, Guthrie; Gordon, Lavery, McDonald

Substitutes: Rose; K.Roberts, Sadler; Bates, Holden; Adebayo, Gaffney