Exeter City (A) Dec 21st 3pm

Disgusting that Jules still isn’t in that squad. Guessing kinsella to fill in left wing again :man_facepalming:

Yeah what a shame jules and McDonald Clarke’s 2 best signings but looks to me that both will be gone January.

You mean Kinsella on the right as McDonald will be on the left - or are you predicting another Tinkerman special?

If hes not picking Jules in the squad because of a clash of personalities then that is juvenile .The team is more important than either of them , if it’s Jules doesn’t want to play (doubtful ) then cut your losses and get rid.

Open game so far

Conditions are vile

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OG but couldn’t give a toss :joy::joy:

From our 4th corner

Playing well


2-0 Lavery :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:

Where is everyone? :joy::joy:

Yes. Just when I thought, second goal is needed.


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Looking very good at the moment and deserve to be 2 up.

The standard in this league is so bad - this is why I still have very distant play off hopes. A few signings and a 10 game run, who knows…

We’ve scored 2 - FFS, what’s going on? C’mon, let’s keep it tight now. If we can get to HT without conceding then we’ve got a chance. UTS.

Fuckin hell.

I reckon we can get a draw here you know


I have been saying all week at work we would win today every one thinks I was nuts come on the lads

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The second goal was helped by their defender slipping allowing Lavery to run on unchallenged - good finish though.

There are going to be mistakes in these conditions, hopefully no fatal ones from us.

Cmon me babbies

3-0 Gordon :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

0-3 fudge me

What the hell is going on???