Expectations for the upcoming season

What’s everyone thinking so far? I know there is still business to be done for us and a lot of clubs but personally I’m saying 10th for us with a flirtation with the play offs at some point.This is dependent on a couple of decent strikers coming in if not think we could be in for a mid table season again unfortunately.

I honestly think lower mid table… just cant see anything different,really hope im wrong tho and my season ticket was worth buying


Get two decent strikers in and the title is ours


This statue covered in red and white scarves after we win the playoff final.


Like I’ve said i honestly think it depends on what attacking players come in no way there is enough goals in this squad yet to compete at the top of the division

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Top 7. Anything less is a failure. We need to get out of this shitty league.


Pushing for promotion, either automatic or via the playoffs. If not, Flynn won’t have done his job

Hard to say because I don’t really know much about most of the players we have signed. We also hopefully have a couple more attackers to come in.

My heart says promotion but my head says we will be improved on the past two seasons but not threaten the top 7. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we struggled again. I guess before a ball is kicked I am going to try and stay positive though and hope for a much better season, and who knows maybe a cup run.


Depends on the next signings. All have to be forwards. If they are good enough I would expect play offs at least. As the squad currently stands I think mid table is the best we can hope for.

Top 7 in Flynn we trust. Hopefully we will have big Wilko fit and firing for the run in.

Watch you dont get splinters on that fence.

I know, I really don’t know in all honesty. Last season I thought we had a decent chance and look how that turned out.

Tbf its hard being positive being a Walsall fan. We have suffered so much crap over the years it beats the positivity out of you.

We Have New wealthy American owners

We have the Freehold in principle

We have one of the best lower league Managers

Saddlers club Re opening.

Increased wage budget .

All this positivity and im still waiting for jeremy beadle to jump out at me every time i leave the house.


I think we are going to have some joy, but also there may be some pain…


I expect us to be solid at the back and the “lets give the opposition a couple of goals culture” to be banished! Flynn improved things towards the end of the season but could see that some players were not up to the job.
Flynn has signed a few energetic and speedy wing backs/full backs so we should be able to create some panic in opposition defences so that teams don’t feel comfortable in piling forward, leaving themselves exposed to a counter attack.
Like everyone else I am expecting at least 2 more signings to make sure that when the ball is played forward it doesn’t come straight back and when chances are created they are taken.
I have felt more optimistic in previous seasons, perhaps caught up in the hype. So at the moment I think we will be OK but nothing more than that.
What is interesting is that there have been so few coments from Flynn. A line or 2 about the players he has signed and sometimes not even that. No comment about the fl cup draw. Usually get, 'well its a home draw and you have to be happy with home advantage" as a minimum. But nothing. So I hope this is because he is busying himself with signing a couple of strikers.
OK, to paraphrase Wiltshire Saddler, “lump on, Walsall for champions”

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We are 2 top strikers away from a very good team imo
I think Flynn has built around his plan and formation and we will be solid. That alone is enough to be a top team at this level when quality is poor
Get a good striker and I see top 7 easy


1sr place nothing else will do win the pizza cup as well and go along way in the FAcup :rofl: :rofl:

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So it’s another dismal early exit from the Carabao Cup then is it? Flynn Out!!!

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Top half expected.

Top seven a chance.

Top three a dream.

I think we’ll be 8th - 10th which should mean that at points during the season we do some serious play off flirting which will be nice.

Third round of the FA Cup.

“Saddle a Saddler” the rodeo based half time entertainment, involving a former player, a saddle and a bull is axed after just one outing following an injury encountered during Graham Forbes’ season opener. Relieved local vets confirm that the bull should make a full recovery whilst Forbes, sporting a small cut just above his nose, apologises and blames a misunderstanding of the rules on the brief but unseemly fracas.


Mid table as it stands, couple of decent attackers and who knows.

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