Expectations from Trivela next season?

I would expect a big investment into the first team squad with at least 4 or 5 proven quality additions to this team to make us promotion contenders. If they want promotion and a return on there investment?


Couple of signings of real intent.

Dont rely too much on loan signings again.

If we do have players departing (Hutchinson for example), only sell if the price is right. End of the day he’s our player.

And if we do get big money for him, reinvest some of it back into the playing side.

This season i said a good season would be top 10 with a cup run. Next season I’d want us to;

  1. Maintain in the top 7 throughout the season from gameweek 1 to gameweek 46, none of this start the season ok, have a good run at Christmas, then collapse in January again.

  2. A good run in the FA/League Cup

  3. And even though people aren’t a fan of it, progress further in the U21 cup past the group stages.


I’d expect they’d hope most supporters can spell their name :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Walsall to be in the top 7 from start to finish,or Sadler to be shown the door would be nice

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I’d be happy with a smooth progression from first friendly to a top 2 finish,not fits and starts and false dawns such as we’ve all endured this season.

We have a decent squad (with the addition of 5 ‘QUALITY’ players). This is Sadler’s shit or get off the pot season, we’ve just got to get out of this poxy league, we’ve been here way too long.

Wrexham and Stockport have shown that a bit of investment is the key to getting out of this quagmire of a league.


I’d be hugely surprised if they suddenly decided to throw a lot of money at the project, their mantra since coming in has been steady incremental improvement and self sustainability. They’ve already started to invest in the football side of the operation for next season by giving the head coach a new deal on significantly improved terms which is a start. That said with some players released and off our wage bill such as Evans, Riley, Oteh, Matt who will all be on decent money and the near certainty DJ as our highest earner will be on his way it should release decent funds for Sadler to invest in a smaller number (I’m guessing around half a dozen incomings as opposed to 10+ in nearly every summer I can remember now) of high quality additions to support the current group. No fillers, genuine first team ready players who improve what we already have.


I’d say more than a bit.


We’re owned by investors, not speculators. Returns have to sustain the club, not cash injections.


Lets make our number 1 striker a permanent one for a change and not a loan signing its causing us issues when they get recalled.


Trivela decided to keep the manager against the wishes approx. half the fans so they better recruit some decent proven players to keep the fans on side

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Highest points total and most amount of goals scored(I think I heard that somewhere) since we’ve been down here so I can see why Trivela have extended Sadlers contract. I’m not sure many agree with it based on some of the lacklustre(putting it mildly) performances and hammering’s on more than one occasion plus the style of football means we hardly have the ball so you can also understand why some fans don’t agree with the contract extension.


Approx. +/- 20% :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Counted by Russian electoral monitors?


Putin in!

Replace Sadler as manger of WFC?
  • Yes
  • No

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What a ridiculous poll. He’s literally signed a contract extension less than 5 days ago. He’s going nowhere.


more of a check to see if fans agree with WC management

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Frankly Walsall fans are the last people who should decide who should be manager.

Nice to see most people are against replacing Sadler though.


Andy all other forums are almost the same mate. Literally any forum will have a similar divide or debate going on.

Personally, I like Mat and I am glad he is at the club, looking forward to next season already…

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