Expectations from Trivela next season?

Who was that young Welsh kid we had on loan? I personally didn’t see much in him either and he was really well thought of.

I for one like to purchase a programme for the games i go to. I dont want a monthly magazine!

I’ll give it another 5 years, 10 max and matchday programmes will all be online.

Sad, but that’s the reality.


And if there’s enough people wanting them to make a reasonable profit, you’ll still be able to. If not, not.

I do hope not that would be very unfortunate. I used to love buying programmes especially for my son.

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I have every home programme since my first game in 1973, but can see the way things are going. I would make it a much slimmer publication and halve the price, £4 is crazy.


That would be a sad day for me. A programme to me is more than information. For me it is a memory and memories are what we make in this world.

I often struggle to remember things i did last week and recalling finer details of games ive been to is dar more difficult. From the thousands of games ive been to i can probably recall memories of maybe 10 or 15. However, when i sort through my programmes certain memories come flooding back.

I remember players from times gone by; sad times; happy times i can even recall the smell and joy of standing in the Street End.

Thats why a physical “thing” is important to me.

I was actually distraught having travelled down to Wimbledon and not being able to find a programme so i consoled myself by making sure i stored the match ticket. Not as good as a programme but hopefully still a memory source

Wimbledon sell their programmes on their website but the Walsall game shows as sold out. It might appear on ebay…

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I don’t buy programmes so it doesn’t affect me but might be worth you getting in touch with the club to participate, you make valid points!

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Hi I’ve got the Wimbledon programme, my collecting and saving days have gone since they are only insulating the loft tbh
DM me if you want it (could drop it in the post Monday)


Whilst I don’t always buy it I have always been a big fan of the official matchday magazine. I am sure it generates a decent profit given it’s price point and what it costs to make so I’d be surprised if we were to get rid of it. Maybe there is room for both a matchday magazine and a monthly magazine which may have the room and time into a bit more depth on issues and have higher editorial standards.

Thats really a very kind offer and a big thank you. Unfortunately im just one of those oddballs and unless it travels home with me it doesnt “count”. Count for what i have no idea as it just goes into a box and will be looked at in another 5 years time maybe.

Once I purchased a programme from a club after a game i had attended and when it arrived it felt “wrong” even though i had been to the game.

Dont get me started on old programme fayres as i might just have a meltdown :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

Strange i know, but hey ho! We’re all daft in some ways. Its what makes us unique and human i guess.

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The impression I’m getting from fans i know is they want more focus and finance going on the Football this season and they won’t be happy if it isn’t the case
The improvement off it has been good but that’s done now let’s push to go up this season being fair though Trivela were prepared to buy Gordon and Faal in January so that’s a good sign that they will spend some.

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No problem buddy, I get it. If you change your mind I’m sure it will be here collecting dust somewhere lol

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