It’s time for some explanations from Pomlett. What exactly happened with Taylor? Why did Llera suddenly leave? What exactly is the way out of this mess? We need answers now as there will be hardly any fans next season.


Who cares about Llera leaving? He was doing a shit job


You’re missing the fundamentals

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We need to back off


Can someone edit last season’s Dutton back off video and just make it so Leigh says “Matt” instead of “Brian”? Save Leigh wasting time doing a new video.

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But everyone is sick of hearing videos from Pomlett remember :roll_eyes:

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Don’t care about Taylor going really…he was on high wages and was rubbish when he played so with this season going nowhere makes sense to move him on.

What is unacceptable is him not being replaced by hopefully someone better (or young CB who hopefully in 12 months can scale up).

Monthe isn’t back for another month so just going to be more below average defensive displays in his absence.

Llera probably fancies manager gig now but youth set up does need to be sorted out.

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It’s his wife’s comments that concern me more than the fact he has gone.

Again, not really bothered about Taylor but the Covid situation last week and then to play last night. These things need addressing.

We can ask for explanations all we like, they will just lie


MT saying that he won’t be panicked into making any rushed signings. Well he bloody well should be. Season is pretty much gone already. If the next 2 games aren’t wins then it definitely is over.


Pomser out.

Just what we need, more jackanory from Pomser hahah

Would sooner read a Mr Men book, more realistic.


All about building for next season now.

We’ll see in next two weeks how serious club is about it.

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See we have an explanation from Joe Edwards about Khan and Taylor.

Would rather see Fullerton out, but I think he’s cemented his position

All good and well saying this, but who the hell is going to take us over!

Thereby cementing our fate

But how many years have we been saying exactly the same thing???

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Anyone the blokes a disaster.