Express and star article on club failings


I think this is great. The EnS often gets criticised for not criticising the club. Here it is in black and white:



Excellent article. Bravo @JosephMasi.



Not one word about the rent affecting the budget though.
Only Gamble and Mole copping it on social media, not Jeef Boner.
An artical that completely misses the main culprit.



I think it’s a start!



It’s bang on. It talks about the budget being a major factor, we all know that is in large due to the rent.

The part about the whole board being to blame is spot on too. I’m guilty of criticising Gamble and to a lesser degree Mole. Gamble definitely deserves it. Mole probably only cops so much though because he did/does try to engage with fans so his name is always out there a lot more.

Great piece.



Indeed. Nothing to see here in my view. Most of it is a statement of the obvious with the old elephant in the room completely ignored as usual.

Had he framed it that we are punching above our weight with a uncompetitive budget because the Bonsers continue to take half a million out of the club every year, I would have applauded him.

Had he framed it that the board should take responsibility for calling out the Bonsers, for continuing to take half a million out of the club to make their personal pile even higher, I would have applauded him.

As it is, there is nothing in there that the club would get upset about. Wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t run past them first.



I don’t think so. I know Nick Mashiter quite well and he actually got banned from the stadium for actually daring to write something that questioned Bonser.

I would put it down to being tactful rather than missing what we all know anyway.

We all know where the budget problem comes from…



Unlikely to have been run by the club first, as surely even they would have pointed out that Clive Welch died nearly five years ago!



Was just about to say that Clive passed away in 2014



I get that too. He knows which side his bread is buttered.
A real investigative journalist would be all over the scandal of Walsall FC and would be happy to be banned from the ground as further proof that the club has something to hide. He’s not one though, he’s a club friendly reporter, who stays away from the politics for the most part. The people “criticised” in that article will be happy with that as it is like being savaged by a sheep. It’s “holding your hands up” and saying “yes, we all could have done better, and will learn from it”, and one man in particular, will be very happy about it as he flicks through helicopter brochures by the pool this morning.
Masi is a part of the system, as much as the others.



A good article and intelligenty put together in as much as think Masi probably would have loved to go much further but knows full well how far he can go before the secretive, furtive, sensitive gates of Fortress Bescot would slam shut on him also.
At least with this hopefully he may still have half a foot in the door and the old saying springs to mind “keep your friends close, but your enemies closer”
We haven`t got many media friends and need all we can get so need to think before attacking those who are trying to help in the best way they think they can.



This is really unfair. Unlike national journalists most of Masi’s job revolves around Walsall FC and getting a story out each day. If they ban him then what happens? He’s got a job and a mortgage to protect.

The Sun journalist for example, can risk getting banned. He has another 71 Football League clubs he can write stories on. If he’s banned from the Bescot who cares, he’d never been before and I doubt he’ll ever go again anyway.



Lucky bugger😐



What’s fairness got to do with anything? Someone starts a thread praising our local journalist for criticising the club.

I disagree with the contention that he is giving them grief. It is a just an analysis of the situation, which, omits to mention the overriding issues.

I’m underwhelmed and have explained why.

I also wrote that I get it that he has to be tactful if he wants to keep his privileges.

As I wrote, in my view there is nothing to see here.



Finally!Joseph Masi has grown a pair…It’s about time he started holding the board accountable instead of worrying what Bonser will say or do to him. Lets hope he keeps going in the same vein throughout the coming season.Power to his keyboard.



A great article and at last Joe has laid it bare in respect of the position - of course he could have had a deeper dig at Jeff and many of us on here would have welcomed it but in fairness and on balance, he’s pitched it right IMO in aiming at the entire board because ultimately they (being led of course by Uncle Jeff) must take collective responsibility.

Do they actually care? We’ll find out in the weeks ahead

Can they help drive change - highly unlikely

One thing is for sure though - if the slide continues in L2 I really don’t think Jeff has any defence and hiding behind the ‘well run club’ excuse is now open to proper and detailed scrutiny…

Well done Mr Masi



That’s Masi banned.

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If he is banned,fine,at least he can hold his Journalistic head up now,and the only party that will come out of it badly if he is banned is the club.



Agree, not singling out Masi but the club has had an easy ride from the press and media.

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Well, I thought that was a decent article. Masi asks some pertinent questions, particularly about the budget, which the club should feel duty-bound to answer.
The ball has definitely been left in the clubs court & it’ll be interesting to see how it replies (& from who’s mouth the reply comes from)!