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Masi has joined Shrewsbury as head of media, leaving his role as West Brom correspondent leaving a void, No word from Joe Edwards for a couple of days possible transferred to West Brom it would be a shame thought he was the best reporter we have had for a while.


He’d hate that - Dingle ay e

Really hope we don’t lose Joe.

He’s been brilliant since he’s been with us and so much better at asking the questions we want answers to compared to Liam Keen.


Unless their misfortune continues!

Walsall FC should be hiring Joe Edwards as media head, he would be a lot better than the clowns we have now.


That’ll be a shame if we do lose Joe Edwards, he’s been really good. Did notice he wasn’t at the Meet the Manager event on Monday which you’d have expected him to be at.

He was brilliant a few seasons go - he runs with the ball he’s going to score …

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I spoke to Joe for the first time before the Villa game. Discussed how many on here really like his coverage and how he isn’t afraid to ask harder hitting questions.

Also spoke about why he left his role covering Wolves and he said due to being a Wolves fan, there was no getting away from it.

I really hope we don’t lose him, but did wonder why he had been so quiet.

He could be on holiday. They prefer you go as soon as season has finished but they do allow it.

If he is on holiday, expect a major announcement anytime now :wink:

A sports journalist wouldn’t be on holiday two days before the football season starts, surely.
Something is definitely up at the E&S. There were no videos from the Telford or Solihull games or any recent podcasts featuring Edwards and Judah.
Maybe we’re reading between the lines…except there hasn’t been any!

You may be right but they definitely can go on holiday if they have booked it.

Is that Nathan Judah guy an actual reporter, he’s always lurking in the post match interviews on E&S website.

Perhaps he’ll step up if Joe moves on given he’s at majority of games seemingly. Unless he’s just the digital reporter but sure he can write.

He’s the boss.

Oh right. :rofl: :man_facepalming: Pretty nice to have his days out and have guest appearances in Joe’s post match debriefs I guess.

Not sure who the junior sports reporter on E&S but would imagine he’ll get the gig as that’s how the line of succession tends to go with E&S these days.

Is Paul Marston still alive? His reports in the Argus were always great covering the Graydon years (and all the ones before). Then Brian Halford got the Merson era…

He is a digital sports editor.

He interviewed me after the Gillingham game in April 2016, didn’t like it one bit when I said we wouldn’t go up…

Joe Edwards said on Twitter he was on holiday virtually as soon as last season finished cos it’s the only chance he gets. Worrying that he is so quiet. Best reporter we have had since Paul Marston (think it was @Blazing_Saddler who 1st made that comparison to me).

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It was probably Fellows1926 mate.

Judah is off with the Wolves round europe atm!