FA Cup Darlington. A Cunning Plan

Should have played a cunning plan.
Let them come at us the first half, but dont concede.
Second half, wait until they tire, grab a goal and hang on.
Oh, just a minute.


Another pointless thread


Yeah. Clarke told them “go out there and make it look like you can’t string two passes together, lull them into a false sense of security”. Blokes a genius.

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Worked though.

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I always thought it was the mark of a good team.
One shot on target, one goal, one win.
Nobody will remember how it happened.

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Same again against Stevenage?

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I’ll gladly take that now.
(the fact I’m not attending indicates bias though!)

Got through. That is the main thing. No need for anything else to be said. Roll on tomorrow.

i thought the same did look like we were waiting for them to tire