FA Cup home draw

Well good start to the cup run, home draw against Darlaston O sorry Darlington i.e The Quakers.
See link for FC match against Tamworth , a 0 - 3 away win. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2lyu3ynNFCw

We are â– â– â– â– â– â–  :roll_eyes:

Superb?? :rofl:

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Will it be all ticket?

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Oh god this could get embarrassing… would it even count as an upset ?

Yes, if Walsall win


I expected the commentator to say,Winston Churchill…Margret Thatcher are you watching,the way his voice went after Darlington scored…:smile:. Seriously though,I think either of them would beat us the way we are playing.

Does that mean Clarke will walk away on the 10th.

At least it won’t be live on the tellybox…

It would need to be on after the “watershed” … inappropriate language and scenes unsuitable for viewers who like to watch good football

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Prices confirmed. ÂŁ12 Full ÂŁ6 Concession ÂŁ15 Family.

Once again, seats in the Middle/Upper tier of our best stand are closed for the cup.

Sub 2,000 crowd?

You can’t complain at that, but some people will

I was probably going to go (against my better judgement) but if the upper/middle is closed it may sway me to stay away. â– â– â– â–  football I can put with but not if accompanied by a â– â– â– â–  view.

In Cup we will be on back page of Daily Mail Sports section on the following Monday with a full page article, as they are following a winning team all the way to Wembley. Quakers have won last two rounds away
Will we pull off a mighty shock!!!

And it didn’t take long :rofl::rofl: