FA Cup - Is it losing its magic?

Fair enough, you are a lot closer to the ongoings at Newcastle than I am, so I am in no position to argue. In fact, I don’t follow football other than Walsall that closely anymore like I once did. I don’t even watch match of the day now. Most of my limited knowledge of top flight football is from having 5 Live on in the background when I am doing other things.

On reflection, it is certainly understandable that they put more of their eggs in the League Cup basket, so probably not the best example.


I’m exactly the same.Might have all these top players but the Prem is a bit of a joke competition really so no interest in it. Only season I had any interest was when Leicester won it so I’ll probably be long gone before anything else happens of interest in the Prem that would make me want to watch it. Couldn’t even tell you who is top or who’s in the relegation places.

Well, tomorrow’s Premier League grand finale is a bit of an anti-climax. Title already settled, Champions League places also fixed. Just a bit of interest in which 2 out of 3 clubs get relegated Thank goodness there’s the League Two play-off to provide some excitement.

Hope to god it is Everton and Leeds who go down, but can see Everton stay up.

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I hope it’s Leicester who stay up, for Deano’s sake.


Personally, I think they should have an extra relegation place this year so all 3 go down.