FA Cup payments

Payment structure released today. Decent money for a mini run… Wouldn’t that be nice.

Just shy of £200,000 plus gate receipts and maybe TV revenue if you get to the third round.

To the what?


And just in time for the January transfer window.

It’s the TV money that will really make the difference. Even a live game in the early rounds would be quite lucrative.

Flynn did it with Newport on a couple of occasions.

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Only 2 million for winning it! That’s only 6 weeks of Salah’s wages.

Makes ya sick…


TV revenue? That’s earmarked for Salford as always, with a bit for Forest Green Rovers.

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The awful thing is the truth of that comment. What is it about the BBC that is so enamoured with these two clubs? Ditto ITV.

This coming season, according to Wiki;

  • BBC gets 18 Live matches and has first and fourth pick of matches the First, Third and Fifth Rounds, and first pick of the Semi-finals. It has second and third picks of matches in the Second Round, Fourth Round and the Quarter Finals.

  • ITV get at least 20 live matches and has first pick and fourth pick of matches in the Second Round, Fourth Round and the Quarter Finals, as well as second and third picks for the First, Third and Fifth Rounds and second pick of the Semi-finals.

Not that we’ll see any cameras!

Seriously, if they continue their love affair, every other club should call them out on it.

It’s even worse when you consider there combined home gates probably struggle’s to get to 5000

It’s a bleeding joke is what it is Lukeyboy far too much money especially when the people coming to watch have to steal to watch you play :smiley:

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The TV companies probably have data that points to increased audience figures for those clubs. For Salford in particular that is a bit galling as undoubtedly part of the public interest in Salford is fuelled by a documentary series commissioned by one of the broadcasters who subsequently decided the best FA Cup games to broadcast.

It happens higher up too. Manchester United once famously had a 57 game streak of their FA Cup games being chosen for live broadcast. And whilst each individual game’s telly money is peanuts at that level - the aggregated impact of 57 games isn’t to be sneezed at all. There is also something in that extra coverage, especially on terrestrial telly, boosting the United brand and garnering them even more armchair support (support that still turns into £ through merchandise and subscriptions).

Was the same when Leeds were slumming it in the early FA Cup rounds.

The problem it creates isn’t for higher up clubs though. The sums involved aren’t material to the playing fortunes of the team. Whereas down where we are, even a £50k telly cheque is really important. A £100k telly cheque potentially the difference between promotion and not. So whilst I get the telly audience argument the big red flag is that it tilts the notion of a level playing field unfairly. Salford, a club already heavily subsidised, get an even bigger subsidy through this channel and therefore their ability to punch above their weight is even greater.

Which can’t be right.


We could have had Man City in the cup last season if we hadn’t have lost to Swindon,that would have helped immensely.

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