FA Cup Prediction League 2023-24 - 5th Round (Mon 26th Feb - Weds 28th Feb)

Another unexpected situation (for me, anyway).

It appears there won’t be any replays. Tonight’s matches have gone to extra time and to penalties. So for the purpose of this competition what are the relevant scores? The scores after 90 minutes? After extra time? And what happens with penalties?

If you follow common practice across the betting sites, it’s 90 mins only.

Good question. Predictions are scores at 90 minutes. We’ll do extra time and penalty predictions from the QFs onwards.
Depending on how results go this round, i may have to use extra time and pens to separate people!

Peter. Have I upset you?


Not at all!

Here are all 16 predictions from the FA Cup 5th round games this past week.
I’m currently working out all the winners and will post as soon as possible, as well as set up the thread for the QFs, which are in a couple of weeks.

Blackburn Rovers 1-3 Newcastle United
Luton Town 0-2 Manchester City
Nottingham Forest 1-2 Manchester United

Coventry 4 v 0 Maidstone
Luton 0 v 4 Man City
Liverpool 4 v 1 Southampton

Professor Peach:
Coventry City 3-1 Maidstone United
AFC Bournemouth 0-2 Leicester City
Chelsea 1-2 Leeds United

Coventry City 2 Maidstone United 0
Luton Town 1 Manchester City 3
Wolves 2 Brighton & Hove Albion 1

Coventry 4-1 Maidstone
Liverpool 2-1 Southampton
Chelsea 2-2 Leeds

Coventry City 3-1 Maidstone United
Blackburn Rovers 1-2 Newcastle United
Liverpool 2-1 Southampton

Coventry City 3-1 Maidstone United
Chelsea 2-0 Leeds United
Liverpool 3-0 Southampton

Coventry 4-0 Maidstone
Blackburn 1-2 Newcastle
Liverpool 3-1 Southampton

Coventry 4-1 Maidstone
Chelsea 2-1 Leeds
Nottm Forest 1-2 Man Utd

Coventry 3 Maidstone 0
Bournemouth 0 Leicester 1
Luton 1 Manchester City 3

Luton Town 0 - 4 Manchester City
Blackburn Rovers 1 - 3 Newcastle United
Liverpool 4 - 0 Southampton

Coventry City 3-1 Maidstone United
Luton Town 0-2 Manchester City
Liverpool 3-1 Southampton

Coventry City v Maidstone United 4-0
Wolves v Brighton & Hove Albion 2-1
Liverpool v Southampton 2-1

AFC Bournemouth 2 Leicester City 1
Chelsea 2 Leeds United 1
Liverpool 2 Southampton 1

Coventry 3.0 Maidstone
Chelsea2-1 Leeds
Liverpool 2-1 Southampton

Chelsea v Leeds United 2-1
Nottingham Forest v Manchester United 1-2
Liverpool v Southampton 2-0