FA Cup Second Round Draw


Would have preferred this as an away tie, but at least it’s giving me plenty of opportunity to wind up my eldest bairn who has been a Mackem supporter since an early age.


I’m not buying the “at least we got to the second round” negativity that is going around in some parts. So defeatist it’s untrue. Even if we had a team that deserved zero faith, which this one doesn’t

Sunderland are in our league for a reason. They might be the best team in it but I’m not buying that we have no chance. Some people sound like we are The Dog and Duck off to play Manchester United.


Could not agree more👍🏻


It’s a terrible draw - TERRIBLE! And I have TWO Mackems to contend with who are already giving me stick!



It’s the cup for flip’s sake. A cup littered with the wizened husks of rampant teams ‘that couldn’t lose’ only to end up having their premature victory flags surgically removed.

AND we are the famous Walsall, the team responsible for one of the greatest cup turnovers,


One of us has to make it to the next round, so better to be us, and to meet the odds with determination and defiance.


It sounds like you need to return southwards post-haste.


They should be embarrassed lauding it over a Walsall fan ffs


Yes indeed. We were debating about Bescot Stadium being a stadium instead of, in their view, a “ground”.

It’s relatively easy to wind them up. Just remind them that they are crap compared to Newcastle.



That’s a terrible analogy, The Dog and Duck would obviously win!


All those North East clubs are terribly sensitive. :laughing::laughing::laughing:


Why is playing 'em twice in a wick a problem ?

We played Brighton four times in ten days in 1969 , ( which condemned them to obscurity forever ) .


So will Mr Bonser …think how many Sunderland will bring …twice :money_mouth_face:


Game not on TV, Solihull-Blackpool the Friday night BBC game which is excellent.

BT have Wrexham-Newport, Guiesley-Fleetwood and Halifax-Wimbledon.


Our chances of winning just went up!


Seem to remember us playing Millwall 3 times in 8 days home and away legs of a cup game sandwiching a league game.


Yes! League and two legs of the Auto Windscreens semi-final. Colin Cramb scored in the League game.


A name I had forgotten, the epitome of an average lower division footballer, did well for us though!


Went for my tickets yesterday…sales going well according to the Ticket Office staff. Lets hope we get more than the Coventry game!!!


Got to think there will be more than the Cov game but I still think Sunderland will bring more.

I feel a bit for Deano and the team, to be honest. They’ve put in a great effort and are performing well above expectations so far this season. But the general apathy that surrounds the club is there for all to see.


I agree.

We’re caught in a viscous circle created by the way that the club is structured.

Slowly but surely the narrative about our ambition is moving from sustained championship status to league one being seen as us punching above our weight and therefore an achievement in its own right. This “stand still ambition”coupled with a stadium that is rented, tired and soulless means that only a dash of old school cup daring do or promotion itself will sufficiently distract people from the perception/reality of malaise. Dean and the boys deserve better you are right but it is the cause of the apathy (far closer to home) than the apathy itself that needs questioning and addressing.