FA Cup/ Small Squad

Just noticed that Walsall have allowed Joe Foulkes to be cup tied as he played for Kidderminster yesterday in the FA Cup.
Well that wasn’t a clever move was it?
We have 5 players currently on loan from other clubs, and you can bet we won’t be allowed to play most if not all of them in our Round 1 match in Nov. Seems like we have no early recall clause on Foulkes in the case of an injury crisis at the club then.
( I am aware by the way that January would normally be the first opportunity to recall loanees, but with such a small squad I would have wanted an agreement to recall Foulkes earlier if I was Matt Taylor!).

Those on a season long long won’t have recall clauses in most cases, so the odds are we will be able to play all / most of our loanees.

Club dosen’t really care about cup runs anymore so they’re not going to demand a youth player can’t play in it just in case he might be needed in future.

Proper jealous of Newport yesterday looking at how third world their general set up is and yet in last few seasons they’ve had some brilliant cup moments v likes of Leeds, Spurs and Man. City. This club is crying out for some of that.

If White got injured it would just be Mills playing there. Or Kinsella or another player out of position.

Hopefully Foulkes does well and can seriously challenge for first team place this time next year.

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Foulkes played well yesterday and handled the roughness of the Khalsa team very well considering he’s a lot smaller than most of them.

Calm and composed on the ball too.

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Was that FA cup?

I liked what I saw from him at Kiddy in pre season so he has a chance.

Been a bit of dirge of good youth prospects in last 5-6 years. Even better ones like Roberts stagnated and eventually left or just do a simple job like Kinsella who promised more when he first broke through in 2015.

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Yeah, 2nd Qualifying Round

I never remember what comes first in the FA cup. Is it the qualifying rounds then the preliminary rounds or vice versa?

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Prelim then qualifying

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Prelim then qualifying, then the first round and that’s when it ends, as far as I know.


Our attitude towards the cups isn’t great at all. Was it last season Pomlett came out and said something along the lines of it was a good thing we were out of all the cups so we could concentrate on getting in the play offs. That worked out well didn’t it? Fair enough there would have been no gate receipts last season but all the same it is a shocking attitude for a club with a cup history like ours. (Look it up if you are under 40)

Cup runs can save a season, think Big Fat Jan season, woeful in the league but always a season that was remembered fondly. And no doubt the money generated from playing at Old Trafford contributed to the success that came in the following seasons.


It’s a good job we don’t have to come in until round 1 or else we’d be out the competition before the kids are back at school! :joy:


Yeah, we have a good laugh about it but our record in the cup over the last few years is pathetic.

Its a Foulkes thing :joy: :+1:

Don’t see Foulkes being cup tied for us as a problem, it is only one game after all😀

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Yep realistically we are Cannon fodder For anyone who draws us, I don’t think it matters.

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Well that’s just about the first Walsall player that has played in the 2nd round of the FA cup for a long time, qualifying round or not…:grinning:

I remember keates resting player’s in the league cup 1st Rd vs Macclesfield who were rock bottom of league 2 at the time we were top 10 league 1 we got knocked out , for some reason that result still pisses me off more than it should.

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My pissed-off result is still the one where we marmelised Shrewsbury (away) and lost 1 - 0. Can’t remember the year but it was at least 10 years ago. I think.

Was that the One on the tv?

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Might have been. It would explain why I remember it as I don’t get to that many games. I was lucky enough to miss Newport (which I would normally have attended) because I was self-isolating :roll_eyes: