FA cup

Just watching Maldon v Newport on BBC2 , Why do Maldon seem to have several players who are superior to some of ours , they are over 80 places below Newport .
Just a observation

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Their Central Defenders have impressed me

And the centre midfielder Ngamvalu ( perhaps ) he’s been excellent

Keown just given him Man of the match

I’d never heard of them before this run, couldn’t even pinpoint Maldon on a map and I usually have a decent idea of where non league teams are in the pyramid if they have a cup run.

Certainly deserved a replay and worth noting they went to Orient last round and won.

Because our scouting system and recruitment team are shocking and have made plenty of wrong decisions on players we have bought into the club I’d personally like to see them held to account for there terrible recruitment is one of them Stevie Wonder?

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It doesn’t seem great , especially this season , hopefully I’m proved completely wrong today .

I’m sure every Walsall player has had a game where you’d think “wow! sign him up”,its whether they’d fit in the team and have a good game every week.


I hope so too mate we all want what’s best for our team we are coming into this game on a decent run let’s be honest it could have been a lot worse if we turned the clock back a few weeks hopefully we will progress and a nice away day/pay day somewhere big would be lovely :+1:t2:

Just imagine what that team could do if they were professionals!!!
I would swap all of them, and their manager for our lot in an instant, at least they give it a go, and they pass to players wearing the same shirt! Now isn’t that an option, perhaps our players could try that strange option now and again?

This is where i lose interest in the FA cup. Could have been so different. Bloody rubbish.


No but one of them is very superstitious.

Yep and the writings on the wall for DC

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Doing just enough, just enough for York City.

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La, la, la, la, la, la
Da Ba Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Da Da Da Da Da
Da Ba Da Da Da Da Da Da Da

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Yet another half time team talk delivered in Morse code?

:rofl::rofl: very true the only one we need to know as Walsall fans is S.O.S.

…_ _ _… :rofl:

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That’s the one lol I tried that on my phone but the pissin thing wouldn’t do it :rofl:

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