Family fun day

The independent saddlers supporters association are putting a family fun day on at the railway club
Sunday 26 th may
Should be a cracking day with plenty of Walsall fans in attendance,
Many things planned for the day. I’e kids activities, barbaque, and evening disco and buffet

It will also see the launch of the independent saddlers supporters association football side, who will be taking on the team. Who currently are challenging for the leauge title in the leauge they play in

Should be a great day, so if any on here wish to attend and give the lads a bit of support Get in touch as I am now in reciept of tickets
Cost is £8 adults with under sixteens free



They’ve got calendars and pictures of dingles hanging up behind the bar, I’ll give it a miss

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The steward for his sins is a wolves fan , but a great bloke, who also has a soft spot for Dh
But must say everyone involved at railway club has been great to us , and Walsall fans have taken to the club well

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What is ‘Dh’?



The old car number plate system (pre 2001) used letters to inform where cars were registered. Any car ending DH was a Walsall registered car. Hence the mayor of Walsall’s car is (was?) DH1.


Thanks for this, was genuinely intrigued. Not a Walsall man myself … a glory supporter from Stafford …


And get your own ■■■■■■■ profile picture @wfcmill:+1::rofl::rofl:

Interestingly the new number plate registration system uses the first 2 letters as the locator, but now DH is shrewsbury/chester.

And in the days of that system JW was Wolverhampton, AC and EA were Warwickshire, RE and RF were Staffordshire, and most number plates with an “O” in the middle were Birmingham, hence OA, OB, OC etc… (but OD was Devon, inexplicably!). :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’ve heard of these new numberplate schemes - apparently the prefix JB is for S_****_horpe - Sorry moderators I was being as helpful as I could!