Family ticket


Does anyone if the family ticket is for parent and child only?

I bought one for yesterday’s game and was refused them after already paying over the phone as they were for me and my cousin who is 16

As far as I can see on the website it only states ‘1 adult and 1 junior’ and was also tOld by the steward at the turnstile I was wrongly refused these tickets and they don’t have to be for parent and child only

Also one of the ladies made a comment about ‘people trying to get kids in for free’, which I wasn’t doing as I bought the family ticket which is additional cost to a normal ticket

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Early Bird Time

Isn’t ‘kids for free’ the clubs one big marketing slogan :joy:?



So, I emailed the club regarding this and have been told ‘it clearly states it is 1 parent and 1 child on the website under admission prices’. I seen this coming and thought they would change it before they replied to me and took screenshots on Saturday of the page they have pointed me to.

This is the page as of Saturday when I emailed the club

This is the page now, after receiving their reply

So instead of being thanked for pointing out a clear marketing mishap from the club, they have attempted to try and deceive me and make me look stupid.

Sad that I saw this coming really, say a lot.



Wow - incredible. All of this talk of change with regards to ticketing and matchday experience and they’re back to their old ways already, putting barriers up instead of encouraging people to attend just to cover their own mistake.

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Just sad as a fan of this club since I was 10/11 years old that I saw this coming and felt the need to take screenshots as I knew I would need to cover my own arse. Almost an us vs them mentality, so toxic for any football club

Decided on the back of this I won’t go to any more games until this club give me a reason to support them again



Don’t blame you one bit.



Shocking. Honestly, we should make a big deal out of this. Masi?



I have said in their defence an article was published over 2 months ago to state the family ticket is indeed ‘1 parent and 1 child’, but what fan looking to buy tickets is going to trawl through 2 months worth of articles looking for something they don’t know exists? None. All, like myself would go straight to the ‘admission prices’ and at the time the ticket was listed ‘1 adult and 1 junior’. Then to change it before replying to make me look daft is a disgrace.

Plus, the article I mentioned above has 370 odd views, less than 10% of Saturdays home attendance meaning over 90% of fans wouldn’t have had a clue, me being an example. Not once has this been moved further up the website so its easier to find or reshared on social media

Poor from the club but can’t say I’m surprised

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I dont even know why they should make the stipulation so strict, not like we dont have spare seats.



How do they even go about policing this? Do they do DNA swabs before allowing an adult and a child in? ■■■■■■■



How dare you not know the intricate rules surrounding our incredible match day offers! They released a ‘widely marketed’ statement on the website in February - viewed by under 400 people! :roll_eyes:

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I honestly couldn’t care less if 3 kids (standing on each others shoulders under a big anorak) were trying to get in on one ticket, i’d reward them for their desperation to see the saddlers.



Tells you everything you need to know about the club’s priorities. Squeezing every penny out of the loyal few is more important than attempting to grow and nurture the fan base. It’s why they won’t introduce a student ticket too.

Then they’ll turn around and tell us the reason we can’t compete in the third tier anymore is because we don’t have enough fans!



Here, here. Who cares if the kid is related to the adult. Don’t we want to start new family traditions of supporting the Saddlers? Makes a mockery of the ‘kids for free’ line they bang on about every year. We should be proud of that initiative but this is beyond embarrassing.

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Yeah so what happens for example you have a young kid who loves football but his parents either don’t like it or are unable to take him . Is he not aloud to go with his friends family for instance. MADNESS Should have the doors wide open and free for all kids the more the better



I’ve been saying the same thing for years.

Stop messing about and make it a couple of quid for kids regardless of whether they’re with a paying adult or not.



The powers that be DO NOT realise that our ground is surrounded by big well populated estates in Delves/Fullbrook, Palfrey Caldmore etc… Lots of kids, who at the right Matchday prices and info without having to be accompanied by an adult would be more inclined with their mates to go up and watch us.

Like it’s been already mentioned not every parent can take their kids for lots of reasons… sometimes I believe the board think every family is the perfect 2.4 family… in regards to ticket prices and initiatives for the younger generation and families.

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Another example of the out of touch staff we have here. It is their mentality and attitude that has this club on the decline. We need a clear out from top to bottom. Serious changes are needed. What a circus we’ve become and it is genuinely sad because we’ll never remove these people until they decide they want to go.



Typical clueless, small minded, (anti) public relations by our excuse of a football club.

And £15.50 for an under 18 to sit in the lower tier??? :open_mouth:

I used to pay (I think) £1.50 to stand on the Street End when I was under 18. I’m not sure what that is in today’s money but I bet it’s a LOT less than £15.50. If I’d had to pay anything like that kind of price when I was a 17 year old on a YTS then I doubt I’d have found the money to go very often, which probably would’ve meant my mates and I wouldn’t have become regulars for the last 30 years.

Does this not sink in with the clowns in charge ???



The club is ran by absolute arse holes… and that’s me being kind!