Fan Engagement Survey Results

The club are taking the issue of fan engagement very seriously that was very apparent tonight. They are going to make a statement soon on the way forward to clarify the way in which it will be set up and how frequent these focus meets will occur. I think one or two were amazed how open the SLO was and didn’t duck or dive on anything.


Yeah, around 18. But it was great to see how much care and effort is being put in to connect the fans and the club.

The team and especially the SLO came across really well. He didnt duck any question or conspiracy theories aimed at him and seems like he’s putting a lot of hard work in behind the scenes.


Was a very encouraging night and very productive. Nice to see us ahead of the game with regards to the new government legislations and other clubs. There was around 20 people there tonight but was a very good open room with respect for people’s individual opinions.


I went but was disappointed to see only a handful of people there, less than 20.
The thing I took from the forum was that the club are absolutely determined to build a connection between the fans and themselves.
The results of the survey were gone through with input from those in attendance.
The aim will be to set up a
Fan focus group and a fan advisory board.


I can only echo what everyone else has said about tonight. Great first steps, a sensible group of supporters and an open meeting. I actually think it worked well having fewer people there to begin with. Well done everyone :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:


Looks like UTS was well-represented!

Any idea how many were invited? Was it intentionality kept smaller to aid better focus? Great vibes coming from what was said by those that went though :heart_eyes_cat:

The cut off time for those invited to collect their ticket was 12 noon. Because of the low uptake of those wanting to attend a decision was made in the afternoon to transfer the location from the Stadium Suite to the Alan Buckley lounge and those who had tickets were duly emailed.

I like the sound of a fan advisory board. If set up correctly could work well i think its important that the people on the advisory board are hand picked by the fan base and not all from the same supporters group. Or have grievance or vendetta against the club.

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It was discussed that whatever ways selections to focus groups or boards it should be crystal clear how the process works.


Glad it went well. The reports above are very encouraging.


With the amount of people on here and on other social media saying they’d been invited but couldn’t make it, it was obviously supposed to be a bit bigger.

I think they may have to extend some of the future events out to online attendance like they did for the away kit event. There’s a lot of fans who live outside Walsall and some distance away that are not going to be able to attend an in person event on a weeknight that they’ll need to spend an hour or more driving to and from.