Fans Forum - 27.06.24


These events are usually an absolute hoot. I was taking the mistress away on 27th but I will be cancelling now. Always good to hold the powers that be to account and get to know them better. Will also be a good opportunity to give Steff Gamble a rollicking good send off.


No sadler though

Missing this one as at foo fighters.

I hope someone can do a summary on here as I always enjoy these… partly for the chance to hold those in charge accountable and meet them… but mostly for some of the hilarious questions and petty issues that get raised :rofl:

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No, because it’s not a meet the manager night

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We’ll probably be at the point where we’ll know a bit more about who has turned down the contract offers, maybe new signings (doubt it) so that’ll be a good oppourtunity to see if there is any ambition to build upon last seasons 11th placed finish. No pressure Trivela and Sadler!

Good way to spend a wedding anniversary.