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Why wouldn’t he?

O.k results been mediocre but not like he’s getting abused at games (yet). IIRC Whitney turned up at one about 3-4 weeks before he got sacked and when there were Whitney out chants for months (even when winning). Clarke was also turning up for them at similar time in his first season.

Sure it will be standard managerial answers from him about things clicking soon. More interesting will be what Fullerton says about summer recruitment.

Yes all those questions will be asked but Gamble will just do the stock reply of “commercially sensitive information” if you ask when Rico payment actually comes through this season.

Said it a few days back but one question I’d like is if club would say if there’s any chance of the SLO opening dialogue with Bonser’s kids about future of freehold once their parents are no longer around. Who knows what state club will be in a decade’s time but I think it’s important to know their intentions sooner or later.

The SLO opening dialogue? Why would he do that? Seems like a very bizarre suggestion. Surely the only such discussions would take between the owner of the club and the owner of the freehold?


Clarke went to one I think. Definitely missed at least one.

Think he did one soon after he took over as he was saying stuff about Andy Cook. Few months later obviously covid hit so you lose track of when they took place.

@ShropsSaddler I think Bonser himself is a lost cause now. He’s had this nicely sown up for 30 odd years so can’t see much changing (but then I never actually thought he’d step down as owner although that’s different). The owner of freehold is very likely to change in next 5-10 years so that’s why I wouldn’t waste huge amount talking as that approach hasn’t made much progress in last 5-10 years has it?

Despite all he’s done I obviously don’t wish ill on him, his wife and brother and sister in law but I’m guessing they’re all late 70s now so they all won’t be around forever and eventually the situation will pass on to their kids so just thinking it might be good to put feelers out to them now as to their intentions, I assume the club internally already have some sort of idea of what the plans are.

The Cook thing was a meet the manager thing just after he took over

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I agree most question have been said and answered in this thread, my only request is can we change the music, before games it’s crap. There so many better songs.
Regarding Taylor he should get another season I can see what he is trying to do, but recruitment has been little naff.

15 supporter’s sent emails wanting to know if they can have their season ticket money back because we lost to Bristol Rovers :joy: . Those kind of questions are even more stupid than the stupid questions I predicted would be asked why would anyone with a brain even ask that I’d be embarrassed to ask it on their behalf.


Thing is the club love questions like this and will always focus on them…

A) makes us look clueless
B) people will focus on it
C) it stops them having to answer any pesky questions about real issues

Just another strategy from an organisation that knows how to not answer any questions of importance

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We asked all those fifteen wether they still wanted there question raised, and did they really feel that strongly, that a refund was being requested,

They all said a similar thing that they believed they had been sold to them on the back of false promises
So again. As a supporter group we have a responsibility to ask. The question

Some may agree with those fans and some may. Think it’s an over zealous reaction , but again. I can say that those. Who sent in asking for a refund. Did not attend the Salford game. , So. I presume they really are serious,

No matter what anyone thinks if those fans continue that stance. It’s. A sad reflection. Of how a proportion of the fan base are feeling

We have since had further contact with said fans asking if they still felt the same way after the. Salford game.

Response received was yes they did. So once the question is asked of a fan group. We have to put them to club

I would add tho that. All questions are only asked if. Person is prepared to be named for club to contact direct, and again they where happy to do this. , so question was raised


There are no guarantees in any sport and football is a good example. The aim might well be to get promotion as I am sure it is for most other clubs. However there are many unknowns at the start of any season especially with a new set up. Then there are things like injuries, suspensions ,refereeing decisions which all enter into the mix.
I bought my season ticket because I support the club and the team. I want it to be successful but I am old enough and wise enough to know that it may not happen for many different reasons. As you can guess there is no way I will be asking for my money back. If we have a really bad season then those who feel they don’t want to pay again are free to do so and I can understand that but just 10 games in I am sorry I just don’t get it.


Whatever the right or wrongs. It’s a matter of opinions. ,I’m the same as you. 57 years this season for me, and I’ll go home and away whatever league we are in Even going non league would. Not stop me following the saddlers.

But one of the fans is known to me and also. a respected. poster on here

And he’s been going the same time as me, And I never thought. He’d ever give up on Walsall, Home or away you never asked him are you going. It would be how you getting there and what time you leaving

Now these are True die hard s. Who have supported through thick and thin , so when fans of that. Stature. Are throwing the towel in then if I owned the club. Id be extremely concerned, as this isn’t. Someone throwing toys out of pram it’s. Lifelong supporters. Finally. Giving. Up. On the club

I asked him yesterday do you want to meet up in the club we are booked into. Pre the orient game.saturday. To be told I’m not going.

Very sad. But also I fully understand his reasons.
But I do worry for our long term. Future when as said fans. Such as this guy. Are finally walking away

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Your better off staying at home and watching Eastenders.

People who chant we want our money back at away Games is cringe worthy enough to go to the extreme of writing an email asking for a season ticket refund is absolutely pathetic if you feel that strongly about it don’t go to the game’s and don’t come back next season get a gold and black scarf and go and watch Rushall fail to make the playoffs for the 10th season on the trot

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Fully understand. Where you are coming from.

But if. To many took your advice. How long. With an ageing fan base and hardly any younger generation fans forming an affinity with there hometown club. Would we realistically survive

i wish I had the answers mate I really do. , but as said I do fear. That we are. Again flirting with the unthinkable.

If we beat Leyton Orient on Saturday we are a point behind them are their fans going to start asking for refunds because they were surely told the same as us at the start of the season

I want value for money now that i am on a pension :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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I want my money back for my burger the cheese wasn’t melted I expected it too be five guys standard because Pomlett said the catering will be better this season if I don’t get a full refund I’m not going again I’ll write a email to let the club know.

So does Bonser. Cough up!

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‘You pays your money and you takes your chances’