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Due before season end! This will be fun…

Doubt it.

We will be told a load of placating waffle and of the few of the fans left, most will accept it with their fingers crossed, with the powers that be offering nothing concrete to back up the waffle.

Too tired and weary of it to even be upset anymore.

Oh to be proved wrong.


Wonder what questions the club will allow us to ask?


It will be interesting to see if they veto questions like the last regime would have done.

I’m already compiling a list.

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Remember that horrible stroke advert where the stroke starts and because they don’t stop it early enough it spreads around the body ‘like a fire’ and the patient becomes unsalvageable?

That’s us. This rot is beyond us imo. Ask as many questions as you like, nobody has the answers and more importantly the ability, to get us out of it. Most of them are the people complicit in putting us in this position in the first place.


So many questions

Can’t see them hosting it unless they get rid of Dutton or announce a gimmick or sales pitch to pacify the apologists


Now is the ideal time for some introspection and soul searching.

Do you mean for fans or those running the club

I think the fans have gone through that process for most of the second half of the season.

I don’t think the hierarchy are capable

More opportunity for the club to waffle on. What ever changes after a fans forum? Nothing. Pointless exercise, I want action not words.


No longer interested until the owner rectified his mistake with the coaching staff or gives the DoF the opportunity to. Don’t like anyone losing a job but he just isn’t good enough and this will get us relegated next season.
Keep it.

Absolute joke that we will finish in our lowest league position in 50 yrs and the club appears to celebrate avoiding relegation like its some sort of acheivement. I fear for next season I really do. The osadebe signing I found very worrying indeed. A signing I would speculate has more to do with him being cheap and on crap wages than any sort of footballing ability. I speculate for us to lose people like James Clarke and Norman to be replaced by people even worse. Every chance for a reset Pomlett fails miserably. Appointing the clueless Dutton and then a Director of Football no has heard of. He simply destroys people’s hope and just goes on from to disaster to disaster. Unless there is some dramatic change I think season tickets and attendances will be simply dreadful because at the end of the day people want to be entertained and win football matches.


I must have missed that. In the videos I have seen, LP has stated categorically that this season’s performance has been unacceptable. Those running the club are clearly relieved that we have stayed up but no way are they celebrating.


Do you always take every word literally? The club sitting on their hands allowing this to continue they might as well celebrate cause it’s only gonna get worse from here.

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No I don’t.

I don’t get why someone needs to make ■■■■ up in order to have a go at the club that they purport to be a supporter of.

There’s plenty to be critical of without inventing stuff.


Sorry i don’t agree with you. I think there is some sense of achievement around the club around avoiding the drop to non league and that in itself tells you alot about how far we have fallen

‘You think…’

Well that’s conclusive, glad that’s been cleared up. Splendid

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That’s fair enough. I’d say it’s a sense of relief, but let’s not split hairs.

I’ve noticed that you used the phrase “it shows how far we have fallen” which seems to have crept into the UTS lexicon this season.

I started watching Walsall in the 1971/2 season.

In the first 17 seasons we spent 16 in Div 3 and 1 in Div 4.

We were then promoted via the playoffs under Tommy Coakley, backed by Terry Ramsden’s money, only to finish bottom the following season with just 5 wins.

In the following 10 seasons we spent 8 in Div 3 and 2 in Div 4 before promotion to the second tier under Sir Ray, which was the start of the purple patch in our history of 4 out of 5 years in that flight with one in the third.

During the past 17 seasons we have spent 14 in tier 3 and 3 in tier 4.

So overall, in 50 seasons, we have spent:

5 in tier 2
6 in tier 4
39 in tier 3

So in effect we have fallen one league from our “norm”, which we have done on three previous occasions in my time watching Walsall. Not great, and certainly reason for concern, but not for all the hyperbole and hand wringing going on around here currently, of which you are one of the main protagonists.

We have been in decline for well over a decade now, mainly due to one mans greed and personal agenda (yes, your mate Jeff), but now he’s gone we have a guy at the top who is passionate about the club and, I’m my opinion, deserves our support for investing in risk.

It is hard to for me to envisage how we get back to punching above our weight in tier 2 again, but I have every confidence that the third tier isn’t beyond us, and at this stage am prepared to back Leigh Pomlett to deliver that. However, being realistic, the 5th tier is also a possibility. If that happens then I believe the phrase “shows how far we have fallen” will be more appropriate.


We’ve gone from Tom Bradshaw to caolan lavery, romaine sawyers to osadebe, etheridge to roberts if that isn’t a sign of “how far we’ve fallen” I dunno what is. Oh and dean smith to Brian Dutton !!!

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Yeah, the same Dean Smith that the usual suspects on here wanted sacking several times during his spell and called Romaine “lazy”.


every club romaine been at the majority have called him lazy. He doesn’t do his job well when out of possession but made up for it in possession. Fair criticism imo.

Smith made loads of mistakes and also deserved criticism during the bad times but he learned a lot at Walsall and got away with a lot ( the bad runs). Smith for some odd reason used to love playing Reece Flanagan and to this day I dunno why. Anyway regardless of fair criticisms nobody in their wildest dreams would have thought we’d fall this far.