Fans in grounds in December!

Won’t be us.

We’ll be in tier 3 for months yet.


And league 2 for years yet.


As if this year hasn’t been bad enough… :joy:

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Am I correct in thinking Walsall is in tier 2 (high) level of restrictions so would be allowed 2000 fans to attend.

Previous tiering results don’t necessarily stand for the new list. We should all find out on Thursday which tiers all areas of England are in.

Ah, thanks for that.

With cases raising around the area I think we are nailed on for Tier 3 mate.

Every single area will be Tier 2 or 3, until after New Year. That way everyone will be out of pubs by 11pm on NYE which will be a major concern for Boris and his cronies. That said, it opens up a lot more street parties on NYE with people falling out of the pubs!

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Not like it means a fat lot but the manager in Costa Rugeley told me they are gearing up for Tier 2 :rofl:

Hot off the press.

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Stevenage game listed as being on the Wednesday.

Can only assume that is so it is after the lockdown ends🤔

I certainly hope we can retain that stature :joy:

Possibly, but it was moved a couple of weeks ago. The reason given was that Stevenage are playing on Sunday in the FA cup.

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Let’s hope the forthcoming vaccine will hasten things.I can’t wait to get the crowds back in the grounds.

Why? If you are in the USA?

Just interested.

What happens with iplayer, if we are away at a team that is allowed fans for a 3pm KO on a Saturday?
Previously as I understand, only overseas fans can watch the game live, with people in UK having to listen to commentary only.

I don’t know, but I’m guessing the current system will continue.