Fans working party meeting tomorrow

I have copied and pasted the following from Facebook, posted by the Chairman of the Independent Saddlers Supporters Association:

Ref working party meeting tomorrow with Dan mole and Steph gamble

Issa comitee members will be present at this meeting tomorrow,

If any fan wether they be an Issa member or not, has a genuine question, they want putting. To wfc board members at this meeting, please leave them in the comments box below. In order for me to put them together prior to tomorrow’s meeting

Please only genuine questions, , I will ensure they are asked and put into the minuites, for all to see, I will respond. Personally to each person who furnishes a question, giving them the answer received, tomorrow night

No question containing personnel abuse Will be asked , It’s important that questions are asked of the board and detailed explanations are recieved, as to how the situation, we find ourselves in has been allowed to happen, and fans informed of how they intend to go about. Putting the whole sorry mess right

The first question to be asked will come from the independent, saddlers supporters association

After witnessing, another terrible season, which has, ultimately ended in us being relegated, the lifeblood of this club ( the fans ). Demand, that our owner / landlord
Chairs a public debate, with supporters, to give an insight, into

A. How we have been allowed to come to the situation we now find ourselves in, and why he didn,t act earlier in order to try and maintain our leauge one status

B. That he publicly he intends to move the club forward, and give fans a clear indication of what his own personnel exit, strategy is and. State a figure he genuinely wants. In order for the sale of club and freehold to be made availible, so potential , new ownership can be sought

Us fans feel it is no longer acceptable, that communication comes via Steph gamble, or Dan mole, Mr bonser has never publicly addressed. The fan base During his tenure,
And his continued silence is only adding to the toxic atmosphere that seems to be engulfing the club ,
Us fans are hurting at what we are witnessing, and wishy washy answers. From board members no longer cut it,
The man at the very top must address the fanbase. And as fans we demand that he does, chair a public open and honest debate
And putting out a clear statement of his intent

That’s the question being put tomorrow by the independent saddlers supporters association
As said previously if any fan has a question they would like adding please leave it in the comments box below, and it will be asked


If anyone has any questions, please post here and I will forward them to ISSA

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As an addendum to B:

In a meeting with a small group of fans last year Jeff Bonser stated that there had been 6 serious offers for the club but he felt the prospective purchasers didn’t have the club’s interest at heart. Would he be please let us know what his criteria is for measuring and therefore justifying this?


Meeting Mole and Gamble is a complete waste of time.

I pity those who actually bother.


I’ve got a question for them (especially SG) - If abject failure isn’t good enough justification for their resignations then what is?


Just another buffer with no Chairman .

The question asked above is the only one I believe 99.9 % of the fan base needs an answer to …how much do you REALLY want for our club ?

People have shown an interest , but the Chairman has not been honest with his answers as he has not offered the WHOLE club for sale


Will the owner and landlord consider a wholesale rent reduction to £44k a year until we fulfil his ambition of Championship football?


Just a reminder - the working party meets to discuss basic issues, like broken curtain rails in the Bonser suite, and what colour pop for the lower kiosks.

It doesn’t do the high end stuff like the owner, or supplying waders for the bogs.


If the board have genuine and realistic ambitions of having an identity, then there is only one appointment to make in regards of a manager and that’s Ian Holloway as he as a philosophy of playing, would genuinely put bums on seats and give the TOWN a lift with his enthusiasm not just the club and bring in players who would want to play for him, THAT WOULD SHOW AMBITION, but i’m afraid we will go for the cheap option AGAIN.

I have 2 questions if possible:

  1. We have a proud history of producing great young players but it is apparent that investment in our youth team is at an all time low. What will the club be doing to address this situation?

  2. The club cannot be blind to the poor attendances and ageing fan base. Would they consider a heavily discounted season ticket scheme in order to increase match day attendance and hopefully attract new fans ?

As we already had a mid table league two budget in league one. Will the board be addressing this to give us a top six budget this time round so we can seriously challenge for promotion.


It’s a shame that Gamble will be there. I was hoping we’d hear of his resignation first thing.

Ah well, nothing to see here at WFC. We’ll probably just let someone from the ticket office sort the contract renewals whilst it’s quiet too.


Presumably Bonser will be elsewhere stroking a white cat, gently counting down to zero, at which point a zombiefied Gamble produces a pistol and blows his brains out in front of the startled audienece assembled at the meeting.


Pathetic sharks with lasers…

Could Dan or Steff please give some insight into the recruitment of the last two managers Whitney & Keates.

Firstly would I be right to think neither had the necessary qualifications to manage in the EFL, and both completed the course during the season?

Secondly what was the thought process of the boards members when appointing the last two managers (Whitney & Keates) which members of the board have the relevant skill set to choose a suitable manager?

And finally has the recruitment process started, and how many applications have you received?