Febian Brandy Scrounging Tat

Saw him on an oss and cart earlier today. He’d got a couple of old washing machines and a rusty bike.


Said he’d found some lead sheeting that had fallen off a church roof.

Now that does take me back to the early and mid 1950’s in the days when not only the rag and bone man came round with his hoss and cart but also the milk man .
Me grandad used to give me a bucket and shovel and I had to follow the hosses down our street and fill the bucket with their droppings, take them back so he could put them on his tomato plants in his greenhouse.

ps. he never made me go up the chimney with a brush.


At one time (early 60s) the milkman,fruit & veg lady,rag & bone man were all horse and carts. The milkman’s horse was the best,he used to follow the milkman down the road,it was great for us kids, dodging the horse ■■■■■ to stroke the horses .

The Co-op bread man had a hoss and cart and one day watched as it did the biggest “P” I had or for that matter seen so as a young kid it made my day and can still remember it. Same hoss eat the bark off a tree in Weston St opposite the Fullbrook pub, think it killed the tree. Happy care free days. The biggest pisser’s about now is doris and farage.

And the Weston street chippy that used to have 30/40 people queueing outside on a friday as it was that good.

Queued many a Friday as lived in Weston St. Loved the spud chopping machine making the chips. Fish and sixpence of chips. Can taste them now .:grin:

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