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Ref merchandise

Can all those who have recently purchased items from Issa, please give us a bit of feed back. ,

As to how you rated. the service You received. And as to the quality of your item, and wether you feel your item was value for money

All feedback be it positive or negative is welcomed. As we aim to
Provide. And. give you the fans the best possible. Service and. Quality items. To the best of our abilities, And it’s only you guys who can. Let us know if we are providing the service you expect

Really pleased with both of my replica shirts collected from the Railway today Olly.
Quality of the shirts is at least on par with anything else out there- if not better.
Thanks for taking the time to have a chat too, as always the service you guys, and girls provide, and the range ISSA offer is excellent.
Well done :+1:

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Thank you for the feedback. Mate

I’ve had a replica shirt and my youngest has had 2 shirts. The quality of all are top notch.

I ordered a size large but only needed a medium (my fault, not ISSA). Olly got it changed for me with superb service.