Feedback wanted please

Independent saddlers supporters association

Ref market research.

Just gauging fans Oppinion what do you guys honestly think of these. Polos

All comments welcome. Both positive or negative.

I love the front but think back is a bit busy. Maybe. Just lest we forget across. Shoulder blades. Open to ideas

Would you as a fan purchase if Issa put into production, Please give us your feed backimage

Ideal for a darts player. honestly I don’t think they will be very popular but I commend your commitment.


I’d lose the image on the back but perhaps add the ‘Lest we Forget’ to fit underneath the poppy on the front.

Only problem with that is with my OCD I’d still want the poppy and Walsall badge to line up so sizing would need to be considered.

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No the sort of thing that I’d purchase. However, I still hanker after the white polo with the red & green twin tipped collar and cuffs.
Are you going to be doing those again?


What size you after mate

Medium please.

I agree with the comment about it being OK for a darts player with the back like that and the patterning around the bottom. The suggestion of moving the motto to go round the poppy on the front would improve it for me - personal taste about the patterning.

Full kudos to you for learning a lesson about “No surrender”.

My main doubt though is whether the poppy makes it just a 1 month per year wear? Is it the fashion to display it at other times? Not saying we shouldn’t be remembering all year long, just that you usually only see poppies being displayed October/November. Then again, when do we wear Christmas jumpers, budgie smugglers/bikinis, etc but for short windows each year …


Not feeling it mate . It’s Not for me.

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I’m getting frogspawn…

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Just done a bit of googling but can’t find anything. Is there a record of any Saddlers players called up and killed in action?

Would be great to commemorate them in some way. Not on a T-shirt though!

How much are they gonna be ??

and now I can’t unsee it…

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If it was to be produced would be in region of £25
But this mock was only to get fans opinions on design.
Issa will be launching it’s own branded range of leisurewear very soon which will be wfc related.
Our first. Items in this new range will be put out soon

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Nice idea but looks like we are trying just a bit too hard. The singular poppy would say it all for me.

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For a football supporters group, there appears to be a bit of an obsession with war / jingoism would be my observation.


OK, as long as it doesn’t say, ‘No surrender’, somewhere on them.