Fellows Park - Laundry/Railway End

I will be attending game on Saturday as I follow Forest Green. My late father was born/bred in Walsall and often talked of standing at what was the Laundrry End when it was developed in to the Railway End(he continued to refer to it as the Laundry End). We moved to Gloucestershire but he continued to follow Walsall despite watching FGR. He often talked when we dreamed of FGR getting in to the EFL of how much he hoped to see FGR at Walsall one day. Well, a bit surprisingly due to our promotion, that day has arrived. Sadly Dad is no longer with us so I’ll be coming with my son on what will be an emotional trip as I always look across at Bescot when traveling up the M6. I was also christened in Walsall and visited my grandmother there.

My question is - was Fellows Park sited where Morrisons is now and is there anything there to mark it as I’d like to visit. Soft I know but Dad loved both clubs.


This should help:


If you go inside Morrisons there’s quite a few photos of the old ground along the walls.


I was just going to type the same thing.
The entrance is virtually the centre spot and the former Laundry End was the RHS.

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Two good posts there for you.It always was the laundry end to us old 'uns!!! hope you enjoy your visit but not too much!!!

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Hi PhilBob. Yes, Morrisons is on the site of where Fellows Park used to be and there are some photos along the wall behind the tills of what it used to be like (or were the last time I went in - used to have cattle market photos in the one in Wellington Telford as that is what it replaced, but these seem to have disappeared so could be a corporate image thing).

I have a fuzzy memory from back when it was built that there is also some marker of the centre spot somewhere in the store but not sure about that as can’t recall ever seeing anything myself (well not recently).

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As saddla has said some B&W photos inside Morrisson might be best to go into the shop and see pictures after going through the check out tills. Was always the Laundry End for me as well.

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Some photos here:


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What was your fathers name by the way PhilBob and what area was he from.

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OMG! Suddenly, I feel like a teenager again.:innocent:
(And don’t come up with “Where will you get a teenager this time of night ?” :roll_eyes:)

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Fab, thanks a lot - have printed and will bring with me.

His name is Bob Littleford and he would have attended games in late 50’s/early 60’s. I’m not sure where he was born (long story due to war) but I do remember he lived at Yately Avenue off the Walsall Road a few miles away from Walsall itself when he was older. Was an apprentice at Avery Weighing Machines and worked all over the Walsall area.


Loads of old Match videos on you tube of Fellows Park which will give living imagery of the Railway/ Laundry end to match the pictures.
I still get goosebumps to this day whenever I visit that Morrisons in Memory of our True Home.

Good luck PhilBob.

Thanks to you all for your feedback and help- really appreciate it. Will be visiting old haunts in Brum before game tomorrow. Good luck, hope it’s a good game and us vegans win :wink: Sincerely yours in football PhilBob


How wide a catchment do you draw your fans from? I got married in Stroud register office as Mrs hullsaddler was living in wotton under edge in 1973. Hope to make the game at your place in February.

Catchment is reasonably local, deffo Stroud. I’m from Cam/Dursley with a lot from there but now travel from my home in Surrey. I know we have travelling fans from Kent, Sussex & Essex. Be pleased to have a pint or coffee with you if we’re both there in Feb. You guys looked very strong on Saturday, frustrated to concede so late but glad of point.

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Thanks again, found Dad’s spot as you can see - well happy!