Fellows Park Playoff Final


Wigan away renamed the “battle of Springfield Park” was probably my best away day ever !


Bloody hell @PINNACLE i bet i would recognise you if we met up lol, i was there as well, in the corner where we got onto the pitch, as we were fighting kenny mower was gesturing for us to get stuck in :joy:,


Sent you a message !


sorry for late reply, the wife treated me to a nice meal at the saracens head in weston stafford :smiley:


Ah yes - I was there as well.
And I still drink with the match commentator on the odd occasion - it still comes up in conversation.


Was there that day, and at the 2 previous legs that led to a replay being needed. To this day I still don’t know how Trevor Christie managed to claim our first goal at Ashton Gate when he was never closer than 10 yards from the ball at any point before it ended up in their net! :joy:


BTW I have a recollection that after the replay a police hoolivan on the bridge got overturned by disgruntled Brizzle fans - or did I dream that?


You’re right Andy. Fair bit of trouble after all three games but Brizzle were very animated after the third game and that did culminate in a police van being overturned on the railway bridge.

All Bristol fans who were there that day tell tales of West Midlands finest being over zealous in their approach that day. I think the dogs, the horses and the truncheons were all let loose and pretty indiscriminately according to their fans. I actually recall an off duty policeman making an official complaint.

Of course, we didn’t see much of what was going on at the railway end that day. We were on the pitch celebrating our long awaited promotion to the second division.


No you’re spot on. I have Midlands Today on VHS somewhere that covered the aggro after the game & if I recall correctly a police dog savaging the wrong fan (although this may have been a different match).


Here we are.


Nice one PT


Who is the commentator?


King Edward :joy: sorry @longdogs just an old joke i remembered :wink:



I reckon there were as many Walsall fans blocked in the chip shop by the police horse as there were ■■■■■■ fans at Chorley.


Genuinely the most frightened I’ve ever been at a match coming out of Ashton gate after the first leg, the police escorted the Walsall fans I assume towards the train and coaches but we had to walk in the opposite direction towards where we had parked only to be confronted by hundreds of tooled up city fans running towards the Walsall fans, we literally just put our heads down and walked through them. I can only imagine the carnage that ensued behind us.


He’s a shy individual. I would private message you his name - if I knew how to do it.


Bristol City fans have complained of being treated harshly by West Mids Police every time they come to Walsall. I presume some young PC back then is now well up in the force and has a long memory :laughing:


I got karate kicked by some cider drinking yokel on the way back to the coach. I remember a policewoman seeing my pained expression and saying “Cheer up, you won”. If they’d been doing their job properly I might have felt a bit better :roll_eyes:


When we were being marched back to the coaches, a Brizzle fan joined us, and so behind me I heard
“yeah, yeah, come on then”,
I turned round and said to him “cant you just loose like a man?”,
he was taken aback, and was nearly crying as he exclaimed “No!”,
then I said “well ****ing grow up then” and walked on.