I couldn’t care what he’s said. He’s chose to stay. He had a choice and chose us. That’s enough for me. Let’s just back him when he plays.


I am with you on this…lets hope he gets his early season form back and scores some goals in the run in.


Don’t forget he was sent off to train with the development squad.


Wasn’t that apparently because he’d taken a knock and wasn’t fit for the next game though? He was only doing light training?


That’s what we were all told but people may as well twist it to fit their narrative.


Given that the story was we were in the hunt for Jamie Ward as the deadline neared, could it be that it was the club rather than Ferrier who pulled the plug at the 11th hour and were disappointed not that he was staying but that they couldn’t let him go as his replacement, Ward (or another last minute striker when they realised that deal wasn’t going to happen), never materialised?

That doesn’t automatically mean that Ferrier will be hacked off at not going - if Ward had come here he might have dropped down the pecking order and thus decided it was better for his career to go, but now he has more chance of first team football so happy to stay.

Feel free to come up with your own conspiracy theory as to whether it was Ferrier, Keats, Bonser, Southend, Joe Massi, the CIA, or aliens from the other side of the galaxy that are behind the story you don’t know all the facts to, and what the consequences will be.


More concerned that Southend, a club with a decade of financial instability and a winding-up order less than three weeks ago, suddenly have £75,000 to spend on a player we paid £35,000 for in August.


We bought potential, so reports about his, let’s say possible, attitude problems could be forgotten. Team of angels, carefully build by Dean Smith, were murdered in JPT final. Now there is something else. I know Ferrier stopped progressing. At the end of August he looked certain to score +20 goals and Cook looked like a player, who is not ready for this league, neither mentally, nor physically. But months passed, one worked hard to improve, second stagnated. I would give him one season to assess him, but of course I don’t see him on training ground. He looks like an ambitious player, but this alone won’t be enough for big career. Decision making is far more important. Especially now, when all teams know, how to neutralise him. So he can improve, he wants to improve probably, but I don’t know he will be better player. Let’s hope it will happen. I’m crossing fingers he can do it.


I doubt very much if he will even be on the bench for the next few games unless we have an injury crisis.


“Training with the kids” was the phrase, as I recall.
Thats football for “now go and stand on the naughty step and think about what you’ve done!”


Turns out it was Ferrier’s choice, and that it wasn’t necessarily Keates who accepted the bid in the first place.


Imagine my shock when it’s pretty much exactly what I suggested. The guy is showing a bit of loyalty which is exactly what the vast majority of fans ask for. People need to give him a break.


No, no it’s all on him this. We accepted a last minute bid with better wages and he turned it down. How dare he mess the club around like that? :roll_eyes:


#FerrierOut #KentsOut


Literally seeing that sort of nonsense on social media.

A likeable player leaves for more money or to be closer to home - DISLOYAL. DISGRACE. DIDNT WANT HIM ANYWAY. SCUM. EXCUSES

A less likeable player stays to fight for his place after rejecting more money and a move closer to home - MESSING US ABOUT. WHYS HE STAYING. SELFISH. GO.


It’s why I never get upset when a player leaves. Fans demand loyalty but offer literally none in return.


IF the club really are happy that he has stayed (why would Southend reveal that us the selling club were disappointed if it wasn’t true?) Then great, I am all for him staying put and proving himself as he wishes. Great attitude, deserves our backing.


I can imagine one certain board member that won’t be happy with losing a 75K deal and having to pay at least 30K in wages for the rest of the season with no time in the window to “reinvest” that money. That’s probably where they got it from.

I can totally buy that Keates is glad he’s staying and is bolstering the squad.


If he’s fit, I’d start him tomorrow. Should be absolutely raring to go and the fans will get right behind him.


To be honest it seems to me like the club may have done this behind Keates back and maybe Keates had a word with Ferrier before leaving which swayed him. It’s a strange situation, but I praise Ferrier for wanting to stay and fight for his place on a lesser contract.