Does he have tattoos?


Do you reckon the kiosks could cope doing avocado on toast for him?


How can I move to multiple locations?

We have 21 music studio locations including one in Brooklyn and Berlin. I can be called to any location one day to the next. Its called business.

Not talking about feelings, its what any professional has to take on the chin. Nobody is worried about if a lorry driver is homesick or working long hours.


They’d probably think an avocado was a dragon egg.


To be fair I would love “Plaistow Patricia” as run out music if it helps Morgs feel at home. Better not post the link due to adult content and all that, don’t want to upset any aerosols.


Mate I have zero interest in your working conditions.

My point was if you missed home that much, and you started to lose money/performance, AS YOU GAVE IN YOUR EXAMPLE, you’d change your job wouldn’t you. You wouldn’t just keep losing money and missing your family.

It’s got literally nothing to do with “being professionals”. You are allowed to change your job as a professional as well you know?


You obviously have no idea how many people wake up in the morning and hate going into their job but have no choice in the matter.

I’m lucky in that I absolutely love my business these days, but for 14 years I was trapped on a career path I hated and there was no obvious way out.


Lets all get behind Morgan now hes shown his loyalty to the club which is rare these days lets give him some encouragement tommorow if he plays and let him know we appreciate him for his actions.I actually like him and think he has huge potential silly move to sell him after just 6 months at the club or was it someone money grabbing again? did Keates even know as he is happy hes staying?


I have a feeling it was his agent; he also has form in this regard.

I too like Morgan, I just don’t buy this ‘homesick’ nonsense - which is exactly what it is.


I honestly think its us trying to claw some money back from the usual undisclosed fees we paid out for the two lads a few weeks ago they never change do they?


That too is probable.

Just because I like the lad I’m not going to sit here and swallow a load of bullshine
about him missing home and wanting away.

Whatever the reason, its dodgy. My money is safely on Bonser or agent here.


Agree mate.


Everybody hates their job to a certain degree. That why I called it a work life balance. Everybody ways up how much they hate their job against their home/social life! It’s how the world lives.

My point is that it’s different for everybody and certainly isn’t a sign of weakness for somebody to change that balance. You did in your own example! It’s even easier for Ferrier but here you say it’s a weak excuse! You more than anyone should understand those reasons if you hated your job that much!

But more to the point, he turned down MORE money to STAY FURTHER AWAY from home, so this home sick “■■■■■■■■” (which it isn’t) has no legs to it anyway.


Funny you should say that. I too was very unhappy with my almost forced career. What held me back was an unfortunately bad ‘Walsall’ Black Country accent (bought up in Birchills). I took speech therapy, and now speak with a bland, utterly neutral accent (which some say is regarded as ‘posh’) but it enabled me to encompass a new career path, now buying and selling capital equipment throughout the world, unfortunately this leaves me with very little chance of getting to our matches. I managed the Bolton fiasco, but in my Bolton fan bosses ‘box’ (it was embarrassing!)


So it is bullshine then?

Because it has no basis in this argument. So why are we still discussing this :sleeping:

You used the phrase ‘weak’ not me!


NO!!! Where the hell have you got that :joy: Jesus Christ.

I doubt it is the reason we accepted the offer in the first place, not that it’s a valid reason to want to change your job. Because that’s ultimately what this is to him, a job.

Oh yeah, because saying that it’s a problem for 15 year olds with acne not big men with tattoos definitely isn’t implying it’s “weak”…


But who suggested he was homesick? Wasn’t that a theory from Simon? (I haven’t read the entire thread)

The player hasn’t said anything so I don’t know why it’s being mentioned other than replying to Simon’s theory which more than likely isn’t true?


I really would like to continue this debate but its more ‘social studies’ than ‘football club message board’.

At least we all agree its highly unlikely to be the reason…so lets leave this as football-related chat.


Just start him tomorrow then and see what he does!


Just a theory, an alternative to the tired ‘attitude problem’ narrative. Didn’t mean to upset anyone…