Would love him to get a start tomorrow - Really hope we get behind him, brilliant loyalty IMO

If he starts tomorrow, he will score.

Hope everyone supports him tomorrow.


■■■■ it, least it gives us plenty of options upfront now.


Masi will get to the bottom of this won’t he @Mister-sitter


Club can’t do right for doing wrong. If he had been sold “lack of ambition” card would be dealt out my most of you on here. He stays and now you say he should’ve been sold = can’t win.


Aw bless the club. Its such a shame for them, and poor Morgs as well, bless them both, really bless them everyone’s doing their best. Hope he starts tomorrow, in fact I’d go a step further. I think we should make him player-manager for the day, we could have a minutes applause for the dead transfer and then pre-match Morris’ mum could give him the “knock on the manager’s door” award for January, by video link from Tranmere’s game obviously.


I think… just have a sligggggghhhhhht inklin

You may have a problem?


I can’t do right for doing wrong, should get a job at the club #leavemealoneDeanKeateswasrightyourallabunchofviciousmorgslovinginternetgestapoclonesitshorrific


I was also held back by a very distinct Birmingham accent. Don’t blame me I was the only saddler in a school full of Villa and Albion fans.
I got around this problem by working in France and Germany where they didn’t even notice I had a “thick” accent. Unfortunately this escape route is closing fast now thanks to the brexiteers.


Christ, how many cans of social worms can be opened on one thread :joy::joy:


But Ferrier DOES have a say in the matter; by being able to join a club closer to home? He has tattoos though so obviously has no emotional feeling🙄


Their game is off unfortunately


The best laid plans…


I have tattoos mate. Your point?

The debate is over.


He was sarcastically picking up on an ignorant comment made earlier on this thread.

Edited: I’ve just realised who had made the ignorant comment about tattoos - it was you :joy:


They would struggle with the toast :laughing:


It was indeed! Too many people getting their knickers in a twist over nothing as usual.

I’ve got one of many tattoos in one of the most visual places right behind my ear and on my head. I don’t want to set the debate off again…so, lets leave it there :joy::joy:


I have several numbers for anyone that needs tattoo removal just pm me :laughing:


Not got time for tattoo removal, too busy bleeting that I need to move back home as I’m at least 2 hours drive away when I’m at work :wink:


■■■■■■■ hell what a melt down :roll_eyes:


From the little bit I’ve been told there is a bit of an attitude there apparently, but
A)don’t all good players need a bit of that (especially strikers)
B) he’s young and that will will change as he grows, which leads me to
C) he had a choice and no matter how many factors came into it he chose to stay so he should get full backing from us all.

Points B and especially C surely show he is growing, thinking about his choices and his career and as many people have stated how many players reject things like more money and closer to home to stay with us? Really hope the lad pushes on and becomes a great asset for us and either becomes a fan favourite for a long time or a big cash deal for us in the future.