FGR Programme

When I got to the ground at 6:30 they had already sold out of programmes. Been in touch with the club and they haven’t got any spares (from what I heard on the night, might not even have been enough for all the sponsors’ parties).

A long shot, but is there anyone out there who has got a spare they’d be willing to sell me? If not will be my first missed one for more than 10 years! :frowning_face:

PM me to avoid clogging the board up.

I’m sure someone on here will have one. Personally I stopped buying programmes to go with my ticket stump after someone took mine from under my seat during the game, whilst I was sitting there a few seasons back :rofl:

10 years without missing one is some going :clap:t2:

I like an optimist…:grinning:

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