Final Game Of The Season

It’s developed into a tradition that last game of the season, especially if it’s away, lots of fans go in fancy dress.

Anyone having a root through their dressing up drawers for Saturday even though we won’t be going to Valley Parade?

No , i’m afraid it would be a bit of an anticlimax .

Plus Andy I wouldn’t disclose to much on here about you and your dressing up drawers if I was you …when we return to the games you may start receiving some strange looks … :wink: :kissing: :rofl: :rofl:


Anticlimax? As we approach 3pm on the last day of the season still in with a chance of the playoffs??? :wink:


So - are we returning from Valley Parade triumphant after miraculously making the playoffs, disappointed but philosophical because we came so close but in the end couldn’t quite make it (although the signs are good that we can do better next season), or in abject despair because we didn’t even make a fist of it (and wondering if it’s too late to get our money back on that Early Bird season ticket that we were suckered into)?

You’ve been on the sauce all afternoon then Andy …:thinking::wink::rofl:

Just attempting to talk football on a football fans site. :rofl:

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Yeah mate , pull the other one … :wink: :laughing:

We’re on the way to Wembley and Adebayo is sending us up


Adebayo baby adebayo ooowaowah :notes::notes::notes::notes: