Finishing line in sight

Independent saddlers supporters association
Ref. Bescot bar revamp

As of 9am today Sunday 7th June we have raised £4700 towards our target of £5000

Come on guys lets get this over the line, we now only need another 15 saddlers to purchase a ticket and its. Mission accomplished

Just 15 more fans required to not only help our club financially but to also honour some true ex legends. Who will be featured in finished artwork

Let’s see if we can be in a position on Monday for Issa to bank transfer. Cash to the club and get our order placed for said works to begin

If we can just get the required 15 ticket sales, we can then start making the list of player,s that will be chosen by you the fans via polls on social media, to select those. Who will be joining. Stan Bennett Alan Buckley Jimmy walker and Jorge letaio who have already been chosen by Issa

We are in touching distance now so please if you can head over to our online shop , and purchase your lucky ticket

Or if you wish to make a donation please pm me for details on how to do so Every donation no matter how big or small will help us over the finishing line

Everyone who has contributed will if wished. Be recognised. By having there names added to a roll of honour that will be displayed in the. Newly renovated bar

So over to you guys lets have one last push and show just how much this club means to us as fans

To those who have already purchased a ticket. All involved with Issa say a massive thank you. £4700 . Towards a target goal of £5000. Is nothing short of fantastic, and with one last push. I’m sure we can call full time on. Yet another amazing. Fan achievement

The link to the Issa online shop is as below head over now to purchase your ticket if possible,


I’ll give it a push on UTS Facebook in 12 hours (or so) when I get to work and get on the real computer.

Cheers exile much appreciated

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14 Now :wink:

Cheers chunkster much appreciated mate

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13 NOW … though I am not sure what I will do with it if I win!

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Don’t worry mate you wont :joy: :wink:


Only need 12 now !!


Thanks guys we have now broke the 5k target


Brilliant news mate :+1:
Can we have the 1983-84 milk cup squad photo on the wall now :laughing: :laughing: :wink:

DH, Is the draw still open or does it close once the £5K has been reached?

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Draw remains open till10 am tomorrow morning Monday. 8th June mate

I’ll buy it off you for £20.50 :wink:


Thanks DH. Ticket duly purchased.
Would like to see the 1960-61 Team photo on the wrap please :slight_smile:

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As great as the 60-61 team was . I think personally it should be more about our time at bescot Graydon, Nichols teams etc . The millennium stadium. And first visit to Wembley. Just my opinion.

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Fellows park will be featured. In equal measure mate
Bennett Buckley. Moore etc
A list of others will be put forward for fans to pick from. The fellows park years

Walker and letaio are already picked from the bescot years so again fans will be given a list. Of others to choose from

The top three from each. Era will join the Issa picks


Will there be any squad picks to choose from mate?

Going to sit down with club and the design team. To go through things mate, Same people who did tunnel area will be doing the designs and fitting of the vinyl
I would like to see some squad pictures added. In equal. Numbers from fellows park. To bescot
A timeline of our history would be great.

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Community Hub work underway - not sure if this extension is part of the bar too