First choice XI

With the first game or the season just over a week away who, out of the current squad would you choose to start against Northampton.

I think DC will go with:

GK - Roberts
RWB - Norman
CB - Clarke
CB - Scarr
CB - Sadler
LWB - Pring
CM - Guthrie (deepest of the three)
CM - Sinclair
CM - Kinsella
ST - Gordon
ST - Adebayo

This may of course change depending on new signings and possibly swap Pring for CCM.

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I’d go exactly the same.


I think the 3 CBs, midfield and forwards will be exactly as you say.

For the other 3 places …

Roberts isn’t a shoe in as GK - think it depends on how he and Rose do in these last 2 friendlies.

Norman probably has the edge on Facey (and definitely on Little), not so sure Pring over CCM. Also depends though whether it’s 532 or 352 - McDonald could push his nose in if the latter (though no obvious equivalent on the other side so could still be Pring/CCM - unless he fancies Bates, Kiersey or Hardy, or even Kinsella, to do a job).

So I’d probably go along with your choices but wouldn’t be surprised if those 3 were tweaked.

Based on the game time he has had so far, if Candlin starts then either a miracle will have happened or something very, very bad!!

I’d go with exactly that team.

The only position id say is 50/50 is the the goalkeeper.


Kiersey add’s more of a goal threat from midfield than Kinsella and Sinclair I know that will upset some sorry from what I’ve seen in friendlies

I agree with that team, but read today that Roberts has been struggling with a thigh injury.

I don’t think there will be one first eleven and one plan for every game, with only small differences. More group of, let’s say 15 first team players, capable of using few formations. Something like more fluid, less rigid system. So probably I will be surprised, when I see team sheet.

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I’d be more than happy to see Rose ahead of Roberts and CCM ahead of Pring. Said for ages now that if we give CCM the chance he’ll flourish. This is definitely the year he does it.

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Don’t think his general performances have been up to much going by a few comments on here, will have a look at Tranmere.

Hardy has more chance of starting first game I think.

Think Guthrie will be eased into season so can see him starting first few games from the bench so midfield of Sinclair-Kins-Hardy.

RWB is the only position I think is in query with the current squad. Obviously the arrivals to come may see Scarr and Gordon added to that.

Unless we sign another experienced defender, then I can’t see Scarr being pretty much our 4th choice CB. I think with him between Sadler and Clarke for a run of games, it’ll definitely make him a better player.

Out of the two right backs we have in Norman and Facey, I think Norman will be much more suited to the three at the back with him as a wingback and Facey suited to when we play four at the back as of the two games I’ve seen so far of Facey, he doesn’t get forward much and is much more of a defensive minded fullback.

With the striker options, I guess if we sign another one, then we’ll have Adebayo, Gordon and another striker fighting it out for two positions when we play 352 and one position when we play 433/4231.

Could CCM become this years Dann


I can see that.

Whoever starts against Villa.

I thought Facey looked poor when he came on against Notts County into a back four. One thing he does seem to have however is pace so to my mind would be more suited to a wing back role.

Where, if anywhere do today’s signings fit into the starting XI?

For me the only possible swap would be Sadler for Jules. Can’t see Liddle starting anytime soon due to no preseason and also who do you oust for him?

Holden will surely only play if we go 4-4-2 with McDonald on the other wing - but it seems 5-3-2/3-5-2 will be the most used formation judging by personal and preseason.

I can definitely see Liddle starting. In fact I think he will want his “experienced 5” playing as many times as possible.






Is what I’m imagining.

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This is how I’d also imagine the back 3 to look but just been reading through a few comments from Macclesfield fans saying he was too good for them and a very good player at this level so maybe Liddle to start in midfield?

They also said he can be used at LB and is quite efficient there too


           Clarke                Jules                  Sadler

Norman                                                               Pring

                     Liddle               Sinclair

                         Adebayo     Gordon

This is what worries me where are the goals or attacking threat in that team

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