First day training session

None of Holden and not spotted him in the background, Oisin i presume is gonna be out for a while

So, looks as if Holden can’t even do light training, the end in sight for the lads career perhaps? Sad, but inevitable after so long and major operations.

Who is to say he hasn’t taken up the invite to come back?

Is it just me that thinks Bennet looks at bit like Dean Keates?

I said on Twitter as soon as he signed he’s a cross between Dean Keates and Kinsella :joy:

Lol, yeh, that’s about right. If it were also try about his football ability I’d be more than happy.:slightly_smiling_face: were Mark Kinsella and Keates at the club at the same time? Maybe he’s their love child, think the age might work out about right, makes you wonder :laughing: