First Game Nerves

Well its finally here the first game of a new season . Hows every one feeling its being over 40 years for me now and the tingle I get is still the same like a kid waiting for christmas day lol. I must admit I wasnt looking forward to it but all of a sudden I cant wait with all thats happened in the last few days . I cant be there today which is killing me but will be keeping an eye on the score hopefully a first day win come on the lads do us proud lets up get behind the team UTS !


Been awake since half 5 with excitement! Just been to get the paper and put my bet on, cafe at half 9, then make our way down with a crate full of beer. Cannot wait! Come on Walsall :beers::soccer:


Excited, couldn’t sleep, up early.

I’m 35.


I started clock watching at work yesterday morning . Constantly hoping it was just turning 5pm, buzzing for the weekend to be here… This was at 0849.

It’s the grown up version of “are we nearly there yet”?


Does anyone know if it is allocated seating ? I was hoping to get somewhere near to the mates I am going with, but I think I will be in the side, and they will be behind the goal, can you get behind the the goal from the side?

As it’s a sell out it’s almost guaranteed that they will be trying to get everyone in their allocated seat.


Was the same at Burton sell out last season but someone was in our seats. The seats were crap anyway, front row right in the corner so just waited for kick off and found a couple of seats on the back row luckily.

Today I think our seats are back row right in the corner in the East stand, I’ll decide when I get there. Trouble is if you sit somewhere else you expect someone’s going to turn up with a Steward to move you on.

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Already had 4 ■■■■■ and I woke up at 7am.

Can’t wait.

Setting off in a bit.

New direct train service from Liverpool to Northampton - which is handy.

It affects different people in different ways,I’ve just got up,I’ve got pains all down my left arm,I’m finding it very hard to breath,and my liver has swollen to double it’s size,actually,I think I’d better call an ambulance…:open_mouth::weary:

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Are you winding us up ? :worried:



■■■■ :sweat_smile: and there was me all concerned :joy:

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It depends on how precious everyone is - especially where groups of people will now be going together but won’t all have seats next to each other. If you find your seat nabbed by one of them and they won’t move, do you call a steward or find the closest empty one and bump someone else to avoid a confrontation?

First thing I will be doing when I get to Yarmouth for a week later today is find a pub with SKY Sports on.

@simon I know we had ex-dingles Ronan, Johnson and Jarvis last season and we are trying to get Steven Fletcher on loan but there are quite a lot of ‘cry wolf’ posters on Upthesaddlers! Maybe you could add a sarcasm rating to help avoid undue stress to sensitive souls like me! #samaritans #jarviscocker #obscurereference (my tongue in cheek rating here is 5/5 by the way :wink:)