First laugh I’ve had all day

I read today that last January felt like a difficult year and from a personal point of view, I’m going through a few difficult moments in my life right now.

Although I expected us to lose today, I took my lad and told him that if we saw the boys score a goal, at least that would cheer me up a bit.

We did, and it didn’t but reading through the programme, I laughed out loud for the first time for a long time…

The question: Best first touch?
The answer: I’m going to say myself.
The player: (p.47) Mr Elijah Adebayo
No further questions, your Worships! :joy:


Incredible. As they say up in Scotland, ‘his second touch is a tackle’.

@jjunior9 Hope things get better soon, mate.


You can always rely on Walsall to cheer you up, whether we are good or bad at the time.

Here if you ever want to chat about things.


Our Nicky Devlin is playing some cracking games for Livingston, alongside the ex Crewe stalwart Guthrie. They were ‘free’… 2us. Funny that.:rofl::rofl:

I have just read my programme and it gave me a laugh too…no self awareness there!!!

Adebayo’s got the touch of a rap ist! And as much presence as a feather duster.

With hindsight, we should have kept Guthrie - he would have done better than Clarke or Sadler. As for Devlin, he would have been good for us in League 2, but of course he wanted to go - shame.

Luckily for Adebayo we have Gufney on the books and in comparison he looks like Aguero !

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He looks like he’s got worse maybe it’s a lack of confidence but he’s looked more like a basketball player than a footballer recently.

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In fairness it’s not just him.

Gordon can’t trap cement either. The ball sticks to Lavery less than plastic on a magnet.

Re the programme. I think it is great. None of our fans can complain. I get one at a match that i am at. Give up on getting ones over the phone from ones that i have missed.


He couldn’t trap a bag of cement

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and Edwards, Morris!!!

:joy: :joy: :joy: