First League Game At Bescot

Brilliant. Thanks for that.

Always seemed a genuinely decent chap and was a rare ray of light during those early Bescot years.


I’ve only ever known Bescot but it used to be great atmosphere until they built that huge purple monstrosity. It was never needed the money could have been better spent removing sanctions and upgrading facilities. Hindsight is a wonderful thing tough.

Shame that Bescot had to be built in some barren years of stadium design. Had it been a few years later maybe we would have gotten something better?

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Ah… that’s why a few hundred of us ended up in the away (William Sharp?) end then, I thought my old man had just left the pub too late to get in the Alsop :smile:

For those of us not around at the time can you explain why this was the case. Guessing they had appearance based clauses that we could not afford or something like

Huddersfield’s ground was built mid-90’s without a stanchion in sight. We may well have been the last club in the country to build a stadium without cantilevered stands.

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I didn’t go to the Torquay game, I’d just enjoyed my first ever flight on a plane and was in Majorca with (my now) wife.

The young kids ain’t gonna understand this but it was the Monday lunchtime before I knew the result. Them days the English newspapers were in Spanish resorts 24 hours late and there was no internet!

I remember walking up to the newspaper stand and quickly scanning the results before the shopkeeper asked me to buy the newspaper. We were on a tight budget and the papers cost too much :smiley:


Large win bonuses if I recall rightly.

For those still missing Fellows Park …

There’s also plenty of films on there (cine not video in those days) of other grounds taken during the same season.

BTW Next Tuesday will be the 124th anniversary of the first game on what was then the Hilary Street ground (friendly against Glossop that we won 4-1).

Was it just wins or appearances too? They did play but only a handful of games between them.

Who was on the camera ? Mr Magoo :joy:

I’m sure @WalsallOne will recall if it was a good game or not :grin:

All I can remember is the pitch was not in very good condition and it suited the cloggers in our team which was all of them :grinning:

I well remember the atmosphere at Fellows Park . The excitement when folk banged on the corrugated sheets and stamped their feet on the wooden stand floor.
Dont think Bescot was ever built with the view that it would be there for very long.

When I went to Fellows Park as a kid, there was no lack of atmosphere (usually) because of the big crowds (by today’s standards). In the fifties, crowds around 10,000 were common, even though results were mainly abysmal. Then, of course, there was the occasional cup game or whatever with upwards of 20,000 crammed in …
Once, in a poll in the News of the World, Walsall was voted “most enthusiastic crowd”. Would you believe that?

I was wondering about Martin Goldsmith. He scored in the first two games at Bescot, but I’ve looked up the stats and that season he started three games, came off the bench in a couple…and scored three goals. So what happened? Did he get injured? I think he must have done, but I can’t remember.
I know Dave Edwards a year or so later had his career finished by an injury, but was that the situation with Martin G?

and it is not even the fact that this was the first of this style of ground - Scunthorpes ground was built before Walsall had Bescot built and they used the same design…so did not learn by the mistake of Scunny’s ground

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He was injured too…I don’t remember how or precisely what the injury was however I think it was a knee problem. He was one of a number of young players we developed who did nor fulfil their full potential through injury.

Thanks. I would have known at the time what was going on, I suppose, but 30 years on I can’t remember.
I guessed it must have been an injury because three goals in three games for a poor team should have earned him a lot of appearances.

Paul, Penn, Goldsmith, Edwards, Ryder - that seems like a big chunk of young talent to lose to illness and injury within two decades. Or maybe every Club has a similar number of such stories.

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Yes we are halfway to a decent team there!!!

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Martin Goldsmith what a shame. He was a prolific young striker who also scored loads in the reserves. He had just broken into the first team and had a terrible knee injury and I seem to remember it was a horrible training ground fall type of thing.
Had loads of ops but could get it right for pro footy.
I met him in Portugal in a bar called the blue star bar where we and my Girl at the time Used to go most days.
He and his wife were a lovely couple and ended being a bit of a mate for a short while