First Signing


…And grizzly Adams…

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To the tune of “Ohhhh were halfway there. Ohhh Ohhh, living on a prayer”

Ohhhh, he’s got facial hair,
Ohhh Ohhhh, Stuart Sinclair,
Give him the ball
Or he’ll break you, I swear
Ohhh Ohhhh, Stuart Sinclair



Really pleased with Eric the Viking signing

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Christ it feels like it’s been ages since we’ve signed a proven player… I like it

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Well happy with this.Bristol Rovers fans all speak very highly of him.No great surprise as expected one or two ex Rovers players but at least Darrell knows all about them and knows which of them is worth getting on board.Welcome Stuart.

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Dobbo will leave for a fee; my bet is Southend… he can take Ferrier with him!

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Possible return to bastardry?

Looking forward to see him on the pitch. Welcome RAGNAR



Not that big. Only 5’7"!



Is this signing a record???

It’s only the 21st of May and we’ve signed a proven player!

What next a rent holiday?

Good signing, more please.



not really bothered about Dobson if this is the type of signing Clarke is going to continue making.

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A good signing in my view . A real leader by the looks of things…welcome Stuart. As for our other midfielders I hope they stay. This is an area of the field where strength in depth is a must . It will be a tough League and we will need 4 competent midfielders.



Having missed last season because I voted against the establishment , I might just have to renew my early bird if it’s on offer! A cracking signing. DC is a proper manager at last and like everything I am reading and hearing from behind the scenes promotion at the first attempt is possible. I do hope Marcus takes Dylan Parker under is wing as he will pay dividends. Getting really excited already and Vile play that Darby on Monday. Happy days :crazy_face::crazy_face:



This. It’s a long season and if it’s true that Clarke often likes to change his formations from game to game, then we’ll need depth in key areas of the pitch. Excellent signing.



Excellent signing. Experience and leadership, something we’ve needed desperately for the last year. Can’t wait to see him on the pitch, not sure what this means for Dobson or Kinsella, probably nothing at all. No problem with strength in depth, especially as someone else said Clarke does like to switch it around often.



Don’t know if anyone has ever seen this sight before but there are a few that have been right before. Someone thinks that he’s offered Jarvis a 1year deal.



Well it’s been a couple of days since anyone has said “Bonser must go”,or some such phrase,looks like he’s done his annual great escape again,isn’t it amazing what a new manager and 1 new signing will do.



Bonser must go.

Now can we go back to discussing promising moves without it being taken as some backing for all of the clubs shortfalls? Plenty of other threads where they are discussed at length.



Fear the Beard was an often heard cry from gasheads…not a gifted player but a terrier like player to do the hard work and break up play. He doesn’t stop giving 100% for the 90 minutes.
The beard will remain a Gas legend for his honest endeavour and just being an all round nice bloke.
I hope he can become a legend at Bescot



It’s the sort of player we have been screaming out for, a proven player who can clearly take responsibility.

It’s certainly a step up from the unproven signings and rubbish loans we have had to endure over the past few years.



DC has made some naff signings as well…Tom Nicholls is probably his biggest money signing he made for the gas from Peterborough.

A lot of dosh for a striker that couldn’t score on Coldmore Road…if the E&S report that he’s bringing Tom to Bescot be worried, very worried!